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Belt loop tails for sale!!!
(Person in picture is close friend btw.)
Price ranges: (all depend on the colors being used.
Like if it was a rainbow tail... I would probably ask you to buy half a yard of fur in the colors you wanted or try and find some. Please note red is a difficult color for me to get a hold of as well as orange. Green, blue, yellow, purple, and shades of pink are easy to find if you know where to look.)

Long- 30 USD. (Depending on colors being used. Drags on the ground. Be careful for dirt!!!!)

Medium: 20 USD. (Again.. Depends on the colors being used. Also this is like a knee length tail.)

Small: 10 USD. (Colors once again.)

Stubby tail: 5 USD. (Colors!!!! Ok this would be like a rabbit or deer tail.)

If I cannot do your tail and you have already paid there will be a full refund plus free art that is laminated.
(Yay!!! Lamination!!!!)

please re-share so more people know about this.

If you want me to put a link to any of your pages like Deviantart, your website, or anything else please let me know.
(Also looking for 15 mods.)
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