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0.6.0 is ready for testing

This is the start of my re-design for Material. Still lots of rough edges but it's getting there.

+Chris Banes Has Philm been pulled from Google Play?

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I don't really know if the developer is still ...   well .... developing - BUT I thought some changes could be made to the app regarding design and accessibility. So here we go!

Using Photoshop I tried to change / add those things:

- remove the application icon from the action bar (it didn't really fit well imo.)
- search icon can now be found in the action bar
- new side navigation drawer with a neat cover / shot of your favorite movie
- the movie page now hides the global rating until you've done yours (option to disable that in the settings)
- the release date now shows the name of the month instead of its number (sometimes I didn't know if the date was US or European)
- slight changes to the rating button: the color of the inner cirlce is the same as the color of the stripe
- experimental floating-action-button in discover page

These changes could be done, too:
- display scrolling bar only when scrolling, it's kind of annoying to see it over some covers
- ratings should only be possible after the movie was released
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What about a link from the movie detail to the movie in google play (if it exist)? It would be really handy!

PS: Thanks again for open source the code.

0.4.1 has been uploaded to Google Play

Lots of small things fixed in this release:
- New image movie gallery
- Icons on side drawer
- Display movie budget (if available)
- Coloured action bar is back on movie detail
- Removed side drawer when it's not needed
- Floating labels on login/sign up

What about adding the FloatingLabelLayout pattern in the login form?

If I go to "RELATED" movie from one movie's description page, and press back caret to go back, instead of taking me back to description page -- it goes back to home activity.

I particularly expect to go back to description page to see some more RELATED movies.

+Chris Banes  Is this how you like it ? Or you haven't give enough attention to that flow yet ? I hope you get my question.

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Do you like? (+1 an comment)

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v0.4 has been uploaded to Google Play

Improved UI on tablets (still more to come)
Removed scrolling jank on movie details
Bug fixes
Other UI tweaks
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What do you think to this improved large screen UI for movies?
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