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1. No FNAF/ Undertale/ Tattletail fans allowed.
2. No nazist or communist worshippers allowed.
3. No people under 14 years allowed.
4. No OC/RP fucks allowed
5. No unfunny assheads allowed.
6. No flag proposals
7. Don't ask for mods.
8. Find good spammos, not shitty ones.
And lastly and mainly:

9. No ABC (Anti Bully Club) members.

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Should i change the name of the foundation to:
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Prussian Raiders Foundation (PRF)
Aerican Raiders Federation (ARF)

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2 Dogs died twice,
R.I.P Mishka and Gabe.

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Still alive.
Just so you know, I have a gun to kill British Empireball 

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How is Discord confusing? It's a chatting software.

+WhoTheHeckIsTimothy AUTTP AVGCP HGOP NSF Lmao, Code left, he never came and will come back.

Just surrender already.
Your hopes are worthless.

Shit, CodeX326 is back.

Who let Magneta in?

+CodeX326 lmao you thought you can raid us by sending this alt named +British Empire Mapping ?

See that i'm smart?
Surrender already, your hopes are worthless.

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