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Memory, legacy, and preservation regarding a theorist and her theories: the living memorial of Eve Sedgwick. An article from The New Yorker on Hal Sedgwick's daily and loving acts of maintenance.

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History and power of the blurb! What function does it serve in representation is one thing one could wonder.

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Impressions of a lifetime devoted to archival work. Where is the impact? Who is watching, and helping? What is the drive in this complex and surprising process? An article by Nicholas A. Basbanes,  2008 NEH research fellowship recipient and author of On Paper: The Everything of Its Two-Thousand-Year History.

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From nprED on offering meaningful writing assignments in composition curriculums. (For the article link, thank you to Joan Deiudicibus and the rest of the Composition Program at State University of New York-New Paltz.)

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I'm a homeschooler in the SF Bay Area who became interested in classical rhetoric, not only because my eldest son competes in Extemp Speaking on a nationally ranked debate team, but also because my other two boys have stealth dyslexia (reading is fine, writing is not) and current compositional pedagogies do not work for them. I started with Corbett of course, but now have about 100 books on my shelves (D'Angelo, Winterowd, Connors, Weathers, and many more). Thank goodness I can use and other places for older stuff - I'm currently working through Fred Newton Scott's books, lots of great material.

Are there other places where there is more discussion about these kinds of interests and research? I'd love to find an active community of people interested in this.
Wow! I just noticed a few people joined this community. I originally set this up for a seminar that never really got underway. Does anyone want to share what  kind of archival projects their working on?

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What luck, I found you!
Hi, I am Cheri, an adult student in a local community college. In my English comp. II class, my assignment is to research an argumentative essay concerning the Wichita Indians in the 1870's in Wichita, Kansas. Particularly their position in the Civil War.
I have begun posting a blog at, under the title ; Early History of Wichita, Kansas.
If this is a site that can offer insight to a person who is new to writing, researching and blogging, send me a message to confirm that I've stopped in the right place.
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