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[]General Information[]
{Quote}: [ Self-explanatory ]

{Name}: [ Be imaginative for example 'Uni Amamiya' mix and match words ]

{Age}: [ Of reasonable age, it's not like you can be 12 and you're beating up others ]

{Gender}:  [ Gender is what you feel like ]

{Sex}: [ Sex is what's in your pants ]

{Species}: [ No trybrids, you can be a mix of two species within reason. No half demon half angel or shit like that ]

{Personality}: [ How your character reacts towards others, be descriptive ]

{Biography}: [ What happened in your character's life before getting chosen for the arena. At least a paragraph ]

{Quirks}:  [ Self-explanatory ]

{Pet Peeves}: [ ^^ ]

{Traits/Flaws}: [ Is your character good or bad? Caring or merciless, place imperfections on your character as well ]

{Hair Color}: [ Color of your hair ]

{Eye Color}: [ Color of your eyes ]

{Height}: [ How tall is your character ]

{Weight}: [ Do some research about this, it's not like a 6 foot person can only weigh 40 kg. refer to a chart or something ]

{Scars/Tattoos/Birthmark etc.}: [ Any imperfections on the skin? ]

{Character Description}: [ A short description of your character ]

{Given Element}: [ What element do you possess? ]

{Abilities/Powers}: [ A maximum of three, they have to have some sort of relevance to your species. It's not like your an earth spirit and you can fly ]

{Skills/Strengths}: [ Which field of combat does your character excels in ]

{Weaknesses}: [ Balance strengths and weaknesses, you can have your character have 10 strengths and only 1 weakness ]

{Weapon}: [ What weapon/s do you use? ]

{Bag Items}: [ What's in your inventory? ]

{Theme Song}: [ Go wild ]

{Voice}: [ Provide a link or description ]

{And others}:  [ Anything else you want to add? ]

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Drossel is brought back to the Arena By Agent German, her escape attempt an utter failure. Her calves are once again covered by the metal boots (Restraints), as well as her arms, torso, back, and thighs, not to mention the muzzle over her mouth. As the door closes, she glares back at the Ginger Haired Android in Disguise, her icy blue eyes narrowing with a cold rage. She walks over to the wall opposite of the door in her 'Resting Chamber' and stands against it back first, slowly sliding down and sitting on the floor, staring at the entrance relentlessly, for the remainder of the night


The next morning Drossel is taken out of the room and escorted by German to the arena Courtyard, still bound by her restraints. The goal here is for her to mingle, see how well she responds when surrounded by organic beings. Her gaze is dull and cold, focused on nothing in particular. Out of view from the others at the moments, German leans down, and whispers in her ear
"Remember, Subject Zeta-37. I will be watching, at all times. Do not try to escape again. Understand, I am programmed to find you, and I will not fail."
Upon the last word, he draws his sleeve up, a faint glowing touch screen control panel appearing on his forearm. He taps a few keys, then lowers his sleeve. The boots restraining Drossel fall off, and he places them in a duffle bag. She makes no move to flee, standing in place, her expression still void. He then stands up, and removes the muzzle from around her mouth
"We will be leaving in a time period of 30 minutes for your training session. You have been warned."
He pushes her lightly into the Courtyard, then walks away, leaving the 'young girl' to her own devices. She looks back slightly, before walking forward, into the crowd

So is this community die

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This is Negi when he uses the Black Kakugane.

General Information: Negi can suppress the amount of power he releases. When he does so his shirt doesn't dissipate and he is able to control himself for a little, though he doesn't have the same amount of boost in power, than if he were to transform completely.


-All of his abilities are enhanced, including his speed, strength and endurance

-He can regenerate and heal himself automatically.

-He doesn't need oxygen

Weaknesses: This form tends to make a strain on his body, strong enough to even kill him, though now it can't kill him due to him having the Black Kakugane for a heart, though it still does strain him.
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Negi was walking around the city with his V-shaped lance on his back where would the nearest manga shop be?...the old abandoned school caught his eye Awesome... *he walked up to it*

+Angelica Ferrer+Super Cute Loli Girl Mitsuki​, I have just finished editing my profile, so can you guys please approve, disapprove or at least please give me feed back.

shade leans on a wall next to a dark ally, keeping his head low from the crowd, he had a skulled, bone handled, curved large sword whilelooking down

Chase enters the arena waiting for +sebastian fryc

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[ Quote ]: "I will protect that which is precious to me!"

[ Name ]: Negi Koizumi

[ Age ]: 17

[ Gender ]: Male

[ Sex ]: Male

[ Species ]: Alchemist warrior/semi-human

[ Personality ]: Negi is a hot-headed type of person, but also has his laid back moments

[ Biography ]: After his parents died, Negi was trained at the age of ten to be a great fighter so he could protect those that are precious to him, after seven years of hard training he heard of this battle royale tournament called, Arena of Lunasia and that the prize was ultimate power, he was then given the Black Kakugane ((An object with incredible power if unlocked)), he knew that he'd need to win the Battle Royale to unlock its power so he set of to join the Arena of Lunasia.

[ Quirks ]: Loves to eat, sleep, anime, light novels and manga

[ Pet Peeves ]: Random fights, being unnecessarily awoken from slumber, being called weak.

[ Traits/Flaws ]: Anti-hero

[ Hair Colour ]: Brown

[ Eye Colour ]: when normal its brown but when he's angry then his eye colour changes to yellow

[ Height ] 6'2

[ Weight ]: 71kg

[ Scars/Tattoos, Birthmark ]: He has the shape of the Black Kakugane on the left side of his chest

[ Character Description ]: Will never hesitate to add vulgar language in any of his sentences, sometimes he can get angered easily

[ Element ]: Energy 

[ Abilities ]

-Can fire energy projectiles

-Has abnormal physical abilities ((speed, strength))

-Can use his energy as rocket boosters, by making them come out of back V part of his lance ((if he hits his opponent with that it deliver a devastating explosion))

[ Skills/Strengths ]: Close Combat, he can also fight without his weapons

[ Weaknesses ]:

-Long range Fighters ((especially snipers)) he can beat them but they will be hard to beat.

-He will start to have heart pains if he continues to fight for more then 2 hours

[ Weapons ]: Tengoku no senkō- his lance

[ Bag Items ]:

-Duplicate of Tengoku no senkō

-Energy scarf, which can greatly boost his lance and energy

[ Theme Song ]

( Battle Theme )- Gluttony Fang

( Secondary Battle Theme )- Pleasures of combat

( Normal Theme )- Goya no Machiawase

( Sad theme )- Duvet by Konaka Riyu

[ Voice ]: Yuri Lowenthal ((english voice actor of Sasuke Uchiha))

((oh and the last profile is how he looks like after unleashing the Black Kakugane which will all be explained in a later stage))
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+Super Cute Loli Girl Mitsuki​​ +Angelica Ferrer​ The community is going and some of the members are making profiles and post that require assistance sometimes y'all are busy or asleep. So I was just wondering if y'all were gonna promote people to mod position so they could help out with the community and it would take a little of the stress off of you two.
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