Hi All, our weekly meeting is scheduled today at:

2 PM: New Zealand Time (Friday 25th September, 2 PM)
This translates to:
12 Noon, Australia time (Friday 25th September)
6:30 AM, New Delhi Time (Friday 25th September)
2 AM, GMT, (Friday 25th September)
10 PM, New York Time (Thursday, 24th September)

We start with five minutes of silent meditation.
Then we discuss our feelings, and examine issues from a meditation perspective.

HI All, 
As in last week, we are again scheduled to meet for our weekly online sangha activities. We meet, discuss our meditation practices. We start at 10:30 PM New Zealand Time (6:30 AM New York time, and 4:00 PM India Time), and 10:30 AM UT/GMT

Hi All,

We met Saturday and discussed for an hour Meditation and different aspects of meditation in our daily lives. In future sessions, we were discussing, that we could meet and actually engage for about five to ten minutes of intense meditation and then come back and discuss our meditative states and ways of going forward (again, it is just a thought at this stage and things can change). We are again going to meet next week. I understand that for some of you, meeting on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings may not be feasible. We are open and flexible and if you want to suggest a different time to meet, please let us know. 
This Saturday Kani Ilangovan (+Ione Suriyan ) and I met and we discussed over skype. We can continue to work using Skype and Google+ hangouts and I look forward to meet you again next week. 

Hi All,
Great to see that you have joined. On Saturday New Zealand time 10 AM (10 PM UTC time Friday), we are going to host our first online meeting over a Google Hangout or using Skype. See you there. 
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