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Is your french language practice forgotten already? 
Have you ever thought you could simply practice & learn for free your french language souvenirs? 
Do you know that fluent french speakers forget their knowledge of the language, with the excuse they can no longer practice French except by traveling in a francophone countries?

Forever FREE, Rendez Vous Sublime connects new people who learnt french & would like to practice, improve their french language skills.
It is the why of your old classes souvenirs, the rebirth of "Savoir Vivre" or the fastest practical improvement of your french only with FREE french conversations only, in a friendly atmosphere.
This international event welcomes everyone.
Be supportive whatever is your level of language knowledge. 
You will come to teach & learn altogether.
Above all, you meet smart, clever, open minded persons willing to help everybody.

Beware of the simple rule:
you have to speak French only or you exclude yourself of future meetings.
Looking forward to spend with you very soon one of your best french evening.

PS/ Bring your smile as usual 
cameras or mobiles are welcome to take pictures & share them on our Facebook page or G+ community.

Abbey of Senanque and blooming rows lavender flowers. Gordes, Luberon, Vaucluse, Provence, France, Europe
Photo: StevanZZ
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