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NEXT WEEK: Grass Valley Elementary's Makers will be hosting their own farmer's market on Wednesday, May 31st!

As part of our Maker Ed/Project Based Learning program, students spent the last few weeks answering the driving question: "How do we share our knowledge of health and wellness with others by producing, packaging, and marketing a product for a farmer's market?"

Check out their takes on healthy Rice Krispies treats, fruit popsicles, trail mix, meditative tealight candles, quinoa pizza bites, and more. All items are $3 or less, and proceeds go to each class's non-profit of choice.

We'd love for you to stop by and/or spread the word!


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Join us in celebrating another year of maker-centered learning! We will work finish out the year at the Exploratorium on Thursday, June 8th from 6-8pm.

We will investigate how to manipulate different types of cardboard with different tools and technologies.

Hope to see you all there - and happy almost June! Please RSVP at Eventbrite (below).

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Designing Purposeful Making Experiences
Join us for our newest course - where we take a deeper look at how making can be integrated into our learning spaces in more meaningful and purposeful ways.

This course is best suited for educators who have had some experience with making in their own educational settings.

Mon, Jun 26 - Tues, Jun 27 @ Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland (2 full days)

Note: Our professional development opportunities are offered free to Oakland and San Francisco Unified and to Title 1 teachers. If this applies to you, please contact us and ask us for the promotional code.

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Hi all, sorry for the cross posting. Are you looking for a fabulous project to wow your kids next year? I have three High Altitude Balloon Launch (HABL) kits available. They are all brand new and include a High Altitude Science Eagle Pro 600g Balloon Launch Kit, a GoPro Silver 4 camera with waterproof case and extended battery, and mini SD card. We even have a full badge write up on our wiki for this project:
Brand new cost is over $1500. Asking $800. Is anyone interested?
Email me directly at

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FREE Maker Faire TICKETS! will be at Maker Faire! Find us at Make : Activities, zone 10. TechyKids is bringing together Teachers, Students, & Maker Tools. Announcing a platform for Maker Educators! This is the perfect way to teach maker content in a personalized way to all of your students while having your kids create and awesome projects. Please come visit us as we'll have different Maker Tools for your to explore, and can introduce you to our brand new classroom platform that has been years in the making. I have 2 FREE Friday tickets for educators! Please respond in the comments with interest, and later today I'll select 2 people for the FREE Friday Maker Faire Tickets!

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Don't Miss this!

Maker-Centered in the Classroom, featuring Project Zero researchers Shari Tishman and Jessica Ross, and Agency by Design Oakland Teacher researchers, who have been doing inquiry all year into documentation and assessment in maker-centered learning.

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Hi everyone,

We are having a little celebration to launch our Makerspace next Wednesday, May 24th from 6pm-8pm. We'll have wine, refreshments, and snacks. Hope to see you there. 

We are putting together a Maker Space area for Pre-School to 3rd grade for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing classrooms.
Does anyone have suggestions for projects and supplies that we could use for that age level?
We have around $200.00 to spend.

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Please join us for a 3d printing themed meetup.
June 15th - PSBMEM @ NASA Ames, 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Register at EventBrite

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HELLO Bay Area Makers and those visiting for the Bay Area Maker Faire! Please join me for this year's MakerEd Meetup at the Airstream, after hours Saturday May 20, at the San Mateo Event Center East Parking Lot! Yes the parking lot. The Airstream is parked in site #34 this year, so swing by any time after 5:00pm Saturday to rest your feet, share your great faire stories, and enjoy a tasty micro brew. This is an informal pot luck event, so please bring any snacks you can contribute. Looking forward to seeing you there! 
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