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Really love this post. I think we often mistake the concept of agility for speed. "Good enough. Just ship it." Heck, I'm pretty guilty of this.

Agility is iterative exploration in order to deliver wonderful results. David nailed it.

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I was fortunate to sit on a call with +Jake Sorofman of Garnter recently to discuss Agile Marketing. Very encouraging to hear his enthusiasm on the inevitable transformation for marketing teams. Money quote:

"And in 10 years time, the marketing team that hasn’t embraced these principles will look as out of step as the non-Agile software development shop does today—like a relic of another era (think: wide lapels and pleats, but unlike these present-day fashion sins, unlikely to return, even ironically)."

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Be creative, and I MEAN NOW!!! One of the tough things about marketing is wanting to be creative and delight your audience under huge time pressure. You never know when an idea is going to strike you, and even the best ideas take time to gestate.

The only antidote to the problem of creativity vs. deadlines is to already have a backlog of ideas, some subset of which have been identified as good enough to use. In other words, record marketing ideas when they strike you, and massage them into something better as time allows. If you can do this consistently, then when a deadline looms, you don't have to be creative on the spot. You can consult your backlog of well-groomed ideas.

How does this relate to agile marketing? I think the core aspect of agile marketing is having a consistent rhythm to your marketing efforts. Rhythm means lots of deadlines, which means lots of need for ideas. You might say, if you embrace it, agile marketing induces more creativity because it generates a more consistent need for them.
I follow a lot of smart people on G+ and learn about all sorts of amazing ideas people have had. It can be intimidating to compare your own seemingly mediocre ideas to the brilliant ones floating around out there. People discovering gravity, inventing calculus, or having a thought 1/100th as intelligent as Jeff Dean's typical sneeze.

But then I remind myself even the best of those ideas put their idea pants on one idea leg at a time.

To paraphrase from Robert Pirsig's book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance...

"Is agile marketing hard? Not if you have the right attitude...

...It's having the right attitude that's hard."

Indeed, it takes time to adjust to a pattern of a having a week-by-week plan of action. By declaring up-front each week what you're going to accomplish, you run the risk of visibly failing to accomplish it. But the alternative is even worse: quietly failing to hit your goals week after week. The lack of transparency discourages you from asking key questions like, "What are the bottlenecks? Why did I prioritize this versus that? What should I be doing less of or more of?"

When you instead have transparency across the entire team, everyone feels uniformly vulnerable and accountable. On one hand, that creates healthy expectations that motivates you to get more done. On the other hand, everyone realizes that some weeks just don't pan out as you'd wish, and they're more forgiving (because they know they'll be in the hot seat at some point, too).

Transparency ftw.
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