+Mrs. Cute
+BlaineleyFTW FurryFTL
+Jay Henry
+Jayden Parmenter
You are NOT allowed in this camp I gave you a chance the characters you missed out on were
+Mrs. Cute Courtney
+BlaineleyFTW FurryFTL Blainely
+Jay Henry Lewshana
+Jayden Parmenter Cody

+tdrr._.laurie #vegansquad would you like to be ...... Courtney
+XxMelanieisLyfexX would you like to be Lewshana
+XDangerousDan would you like to be ........ Cody
+Blaineley would you like to be Blainey

I will be leshawna now if she is still avaliable?.

I was wondering +Damon Cain the TD person if you would make the episodes for this on video you can put it on your channel yes or No

Right I will just pick the cast
Dakota +Silver Wolf
Noah +Cole Casebeer
Gwen +Christian Tracey
Courtney +Mrs. Cute
Lewshana +Jay Henry
Geoff +StrenthDasher Elias
Cody +Jayden Parmenter
Blainley +BlaineleyFTW FurryFTL
Do you all agree 
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