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My name is Yolanda Russo, esthetician at Speranzi Facial Spa. I believe you can't solve skin problems by applying lotions and potions alone. Your digestive system is connected to your skin. If you lead not-so-healthy lifestyle you may suffer from acne and frequent breakouts. When you allow yourself to overly stress the body let it be physical stress or emotional stress you deplete the body of necessary nutrients and eventually create toxicity in the body.

Quick tip to help the body detoxify; drink a half a cup of organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in equal proportion with purified water.

Let's start the conversation about acne. What have you tried already and how did this work for you. Since the Cleopatra times people had been breaking out, they had the same skin problems as we have.

There are many reasons we develop acne. There are types of acne such as digestive acne, hormonal acne, androgenic acne, liver acne(stress and toxicity) and menopausal acne premenstrual acne and so on.

If you are you willing to follow tried and true holistic methods to help your body to fight it by balancing the body you can succeed very quickly.
Cleanse or detoxify your body and the skin to avoid congestion. Start eating healthy, nutritionists advise we should avoid dairy and sugar for a while until the body is back in balance. Avoid stress or go to the gym a little more often to reduce the stress.

There are some skin care products that allow the skin to cleanse and detoxify and to unclog the pores so they can breathe and get rid of the oil. That applies to shampoo as well. Make sure your shampoo contains zinc and it is not combined with a conditioner. Keep the conditioner separate so not too clog the scalp.

Acne or breakouts located on the hairline may be just the result of using a wrong shampoo. On that note, if you breakout keep your hair out of your face as much as possible. Acne heals when the skin is clean and able to breathe.

Avoid commercial cleansers, use professional products that contain fruit acids. AHA cleansers, Glycolic acids, Lactic acids are those you need to consider to help you to fight the acne regardless the kind of the acne you have. And best moisturizer is water based and it should contains retinol or vit c to exfoliate and keep the skin breathing.

Recommended nutrients according to +Ben Fuch, young people are zinc deficient. To heal acne you need to start taking minerals such as zinc and b complex vitamins.

Topical acne solution:
Yogurt/Honey Mask
Egg Yolk and Milk ( mix protein and fats to help you absorb the best nutrients to the skin)
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ( use to wipe your skin every morning and every night until you see the acne is healing)

Join this community and ask me questions. I will be more than happy to help you. Please let others know about this resource so they can benefit as well.

Speranzi Facial Spa now offers affordable way of helping those with acne. Schedule Zit Zapper session online. Quick 15 min session will cost you $25. It works!

No pain, no squeezing, addressing the acne sites with a blue light so it can heal naturally.

One Acne Facial is required so that I can learn about your skin and see what works with your skin. Please bring your skin care products with you for evaluation as it may be a cause of your breakouts.
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