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Please join, we need more members

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Petra sat on a golden/black bean bag quietly reading a book about fairies when the library suddenly became gray scale then you came along ......
::Open to all::

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Name: Petra Pan
Nickname: Unknown
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sex: heterosexual (another word for straight)
Place of Birth: Mainland
Birthday: November 14, 2002
Currently living in: Neverland
Species: Fairy/Human
Powers: Flight
Hobbies/Talents: Adventerous, fun loving
Likes: Exploring, making new friends, playing games
Dislikes: Captain Hook, friends being trapped, ect....
Bio: Unknown
Quote: This is from J.M. Barrie!
“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
Note: Art isn't mine

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Name: Kristine (Kristoph)

Nickname: Ice Breaker.

Age: Whatever the RP requires, but default is 19.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight (Attracted to opposite gender)

Species: Human

Powers: "Moose powers?"

Hobbies/Talents: Eh, just working and trying to stay alive in this frigid place.

Likes: Working, Adventuring, Humming, Eating, and sleeping.

Dislikes: Eh, I dislike many things, and I'm too lazy to tell you...

Bio (optional): I have a moose, a pickaxe, a, uh I guess wagon for me moose, and a small cabin in the forest.

Quote: "I don't care, you moose turd."
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+ Pocahon
+ Poc and Poo
+ 16
+ Male
+ Gay
+ Human
+ Can talk to the Wind
+ Is amazing with Bows, Spears, and other weapons.
+ Hunting, Singing, Talking to animals, Watching people, and Cooking.
+ Being free, Adventure, The wind, Hunting, Wondering around, Walking to places, and His hair.
+ Wearing shoes, People touching his hair, Shrimp, Pickles, and When people stair at him for a long time.
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It was a nice and beautiful day. The wind was blowing and Poo was in a tree smiling and singing as he lets go these leaves hat came from his hand. Poo was smiling as the wind made his long hair flow in the wind. He didn't notice that someone was around when....

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Name Daniel
Age 17
Gender male duh
Sexuality demi Sexual
Likes dogs and hugs
Dislikes fighting
Personality depressed shy and innocent
Bio hey I'm Daniel I don't have a story but I bet you I will get one soon hopefully my parents died when I was 16 which made a depressed boy
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Open rp
I sit in the school looking out of the window at the lake where my mother and father died
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