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Jesse is back but this time Félim is in his sick bed so it’s a 3 man show yet again. Some heated debates about Nextcloud’s actions, Ubuntu extended support and PowerPC distros, followed by a deep dive into the world of HiDPI 4k support in Linux.

Have installed Solus no my eldests laptop, so far so good. ☺👍

Hi Joe,

Strange thing with the podcast OGG files - I can play them on my laptop with Audacious ok, but transferred to my Sanza player, they don't work at all and block the player so that I have to reboot.
Did not have any issues with Linux Luddites OGG files on the Sanza. Has there been a change in OGG standards?

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Ikey is back but with Jesse on holiday, it’s a three man show again. VR gaming on Linux, a new Raspberry Pi, Mozilla buying Pocket, Web DRM, Kodi piracy and loads more on LNL 05.

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With Ikey languishing in his sick bed, the rest of the team discussed even more Linux hardware, Munich probably switching back to Windows, Elementary’s potentially ill-fated crowdfunded app store, Félim’s new phone and loads more. Plus we learn more about OpenSUSE from its chairman Richard Brown on LNL 04.

Hello Joe !
There is a bug when you want to post a comment. Two fields are required (Name and Email). I entered a comment and completed the required fields. When I posted it I got the following message: ERROR: Incorrect or empty reCAPTCHA response, please try again.
There was no CAPTCHA at all.
I am going to write my comment here. The decision to switch back to Windows is political. The cost is going to be enormous. They will have to replace all the hardware that is not compatible with Windows 10. They will have to pay for the Microsoft licences. They will have to pay for the Office Suite licences. It is perfectly possible to install antiX-16 on old hardware and MX-16 on more recent hardware. This last one has all the tools a newbie needs to get his job done through GUI. The MX community is extremely user friendly. Their manual is well done. There is a gazillion of videos made in a highly professional way by the dolphin, the guy from the YouTube site runwiththedolphin. So I would pay the MX community for support because Red Hat and openSUSE are too expensive. Any skilled sysadmin certified LPI 101 and 102 or any decent sysadmin certified LPI 201 and 202 could do the job to administrate the IT infrastructure of Munich. The fact that the hardware is old is no excuse to run outdated versions of Ubuntu (12.04 which will die in April of this year) or Windows (2000 and XP which are not supported anymore). The distro antiX-16 can run with as little as 512 MB of RAM and MX-16 needs only 1GB. If necessary it is possible to add some RAM.
You can publish my comment on your site.
Best regards,

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In Episode 01 of Late Night Linux we talk about Desktop Linux market share, KDE Neon, Ubuntu Touch, what we think will happen in 2017, CyanogenMod becoming Lineage OS and loads more.

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There are quite a few of these left. Anyone want one? 

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Linux Luddites has come to an end and Joe & Jesse are carrying on with new hosts +Félim Whiteley​ and +Ikey Doherty​ as Late Night Linux. We've changed this group accordingly.
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