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Anime may be my style, but I've always been inspired by realistic looking art. My inspirations are DC comic artists, Ayato-Inverse, and Bleedingheartworks. I've decided to draw a kinda realistic Worm Face/Kyoko. This is nowhere near perfect. In fact, this is my first time in a while drawing realistic art. So, what do you think?

Jeff, in the real world, would've been easily caught, if he hadn't died already. The injuries he did to himself would've made him bleed out in a matter of hours. Burning his eyelids would've caused him instant blindness. He'd pass out from the pain, since he's a 13 year old. Even if he was 21 or 45, he still would've passed out from the pain. Insanity doesn't make you numb to pain.

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I was your neighbor and you heard psychotic laughing sometimes at my house so you went to go and check what it was but what your found was something you always wanted to see, you really liked Jeff The Killer and then finding out he is your neighbor made you more excited so one day you knocked on my front door in short shorts and a shirt that shows your stomach and you looked at me and smiled and then you...
This is a Romance as well
1. No text talk
2. Hentai allowed
3. Female only
4. No changing the rules
5. Let me know when you are abandoning the RP
6. Don't say I forgot how to read or forgot how to forget because it isn't really fun
7. Have fun ^_^

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Name:Jane/Jane The Killer


Likes:Shaters of blood,Torcher,Evil

Dislike:Sweet stuff,Being nice,Waisting time

Personality:A bit agresive,Likes murdering people for fun and hurting herself for fun


Bio:She was an ordanairy life as a teenager and then when she and her friends went tricker treating she had a strange felling that the costume she was wearing and then when it was midnight she colapsed then she decided to wear the mask and then killed her family so she can just be alone

Name:  Haley's Comet
Age: 15
Gender: female
Species: Human
Personality: Nice, scary
Likes: candy, sunsets
Dislikes: Zalgo
relationship status: in a relationship
boyfriend/girlfriend: Jeff the Killer

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Name: Rosabella (goes by Bella but if you want to give her a nickname that's fine)

Age: 15

Personality: to people she sees as a threat just met she doesn't trust or she just doesn't like she puts on a tough act but deep down she's Shy, Sweet, And depressed

Likes: rock music, SOME pop, drawing, song writing,

Dislikes: MOST pop, her father, Jeff,

Bio: (picture 2, But I added more to it and here it is) She later after recovery goes to a orphanage. She's alone because the children are scared of her. She starts talking to herself, As if she is talking to her brother, And after that stage she starts having panic attacks. Often crying herself to sleep. She starts seeing things, It started off with small things. Shadows on the wall, Stuffed animals moving(I didn't mention that her and Ashtyn have twin bunny's and she keeps her brothers with her at all times) from where she put them pencils and markers going missing. Then it got worse, She started to feel as if she was being watched she would start finding notes everywhere. She at first thought it was one of the girls playing a trick on her. She had heard of the mythical creature slenderman, a tall being that takes children but....she never thought much of him nor had she even cared to listen to the stories of him the girls would tell at dinner. But when she saw this note on her art book she knew this wasn't a prank, because none of the girls knew where she hid her art book it said "always watching NO EYES"! She was scared shitless and what made it worse was that she was alone in her room. Later as she was drawing no longer worried about what she had found, Her lamp on her desk the light bulb in it exploded and the room was filled with darkness. A caretaker who had heard the glass shards fall ran into her room checking to see if she was okay. As the woman came in Bella didn't see her as the the woman's identity, She saw her as a threat as the monster that had started seeing as she drew and attacked and killed the caretaker. But it wasn't until after the deed was done that she realized she killed a inoccent woman and ran. She ran into the woods and found a mansion and was hoping that who ever lived there would let her in.

((Picture 1: was the only nor I could find in the way I wanted she has red eyes and red and black hair but with her hair every falical is red or black

If anyone wants I can roleplay this bio if you want))
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name: Katie

Age: 10

Gender: Girl

Race: human

Inside Personally: depress, scared,lonely, and sad

Outside Personally: Insane, Quiet, Shy, and Childish

How i kill: Katie kills people using either a butcher knife or chainsaw. If she doesn't have either, she has a hidden weapon she goes everywhere with; a spoon. Using the spoon, she gouges both the victim's eyes and leaves wide wounds so that she can leave the victim there, bleeding to death. 

Likes: Dolls, Playing, Killing, and Music

Dislikes: Bullies, Mean Children


Quote: "Just Sleep Just Dream"

Bio: Katie has been bullied ever since her mom died and her father started drinking. She was getting beatings from both the bullies and her own father. One day, the beatings went too far. The bullies had beat her to the point where her skin was peeling off. She blacked out, was sent to the nurse's office and then to the hospital. When she awoke, she saw her father looking mad at the side of her bed. He then proceeded to take a spoon from a bowl of soup next to his daughter, and gouge out her right eye with it. The doctors and nurses had ran in and caught her father before he went too far. Fearing to go near her father ever again, she jumped from the top of the hospital building when the doctors said she was released and died.

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Name: Geroge Lee

Age: 32

Likes: Collecting wood, smoking, just random stuff

Dislikes: Slender, illustiones

Pharise: "Choping wood is MY JOB. So shut up Slender."

Weapon: Axe

Bio: I smoke alot which is why i get illustiones. When i come back to the village to get my coper coins, my jacket is covered in blood. Oh my gosh Slender, go after someone else. I hold a axe in my hand just incase, and i always have a cigerette in my mouth when i go choping down wood. I get paid 25 cents ever day, and when i tell my boss what happend, he'll just ignore me! Ive learned not to do this, but still. And i dont even know if slender is a illustiones anyway!
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