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Have Students Create Educational "Motivational Posters" with Google Drawings -
Two free Google Drawings templates for students to create "Motivational Posters" and express their understanding of vocab terms, subject area concepts, people, events, and more.

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For those attending the Ohio Educational Technology Conference this week, you can find all of my sessions, events, and resources here:
Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Google Sheets Activities for all Subjects
My latest webinar recording is now available. See the link for the video, detailed directions, and examples.
Session description: Google Sheets is not just a tool for crunching numbers. It is a powerful tool for learning, inquiry, exploration, and inspiration in any subject area. In this session we will take a look at several practical activities for a wide range of content areas including random writing prompts, flash cards, educational games, student-created learning databases, art and creativity, and of course analyzing data to draw conclusions and make predictions.

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Join us for a GEG-Ohio meet-up at the 2017 Ohio Educational Technology Conference:
February 16th - Noon to 1pm - Room C162
Meet other Google-using educators.
Share your favorite Google tip or tool.
Play games and win prizes!

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Have Students Build Learning Databases with Google Sheets
When learning content in any subject (animals, countries, characters, etc.) students can collect all that information in a Google Sheet to build a database which they can sort, filter, and explore to answer questions, draw conclusions, and make predictions.

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Pixel Art Activities for any Subject with Google Sheets
Free 20-color template, directions, and examples for how students can use Google Sheets to create pixel art for activities including making characters, maps, fractions, area, art, and more.

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Creating Fractions in Google Slides and Drawings
How to add fractions to Google Slides and Drawings, with directions and a template to copy.

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Valentines Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings
Use Google Drawings for a fun drag and drop Valentines Day themed poetry activity to develop creative writing skills.

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Triple Differentiation in Google Classroom
See how you can use Google Classroom to differentiate your students' learning at each step of a project including:
Beginning - Who the students are
Middle - How the students learn
End - What the students make

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My latest video training webinar is now available: "4 Fun Literacy Activities with Google Docs"
See four creative ways to use regular Google Docs features in new fun ways to practice and develop literacy skills. These include:
The highlighting tool for the activity "Improve Reading Comprehension with Google Docs Black Out"
The special characters tool for the activity "Emoji Learning Activities with Google Docs"
The word count tool for the activity "Have Students Write Better by Writing Less with Google Docs"
The header tool and hyperlink tool for the activity "Choose Your Own Adventure Stories with Google Docs"
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