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Hmmmm there are only 11 members i just now got accepted and very few categories

Im going to add to the rules
1.no clop in my community

Is in a forest, practicing a move


I walk around in Ponyville mubling Where is it? ((open rp))

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name : Scale
age :19-21
gender: female
race: changeling/dragon hybrid
likes: Friends and Family
also likes: ??
hates "evil" no matter who/what it is
Preference: Bi
*note she changes color to match current emotion"
Red: angry/hateful
Purple: worried/confused
Blue : sad/scared
Green : "excited"/happy
Orange: neutral/content

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Name: Nightwind Dash
Race: Alicorn
Age: 1000 years
Gender: Male
Talents: Time travel and chaos energy usage.
Likes: honesty and loyalty
Dislikes: betrayal and Seeing ponies get hurt.
Bio: as a filly Nighwind was special, because he was able to use powerfull magic and was sent to The advanced School when he was only 2 years old. one day when he was walking in the forest he was hit by a strange beam and gained the powers of time travel, speed of light and Future Sight
Sexuality: Straight
Cutiemark is actually A rainbow coloured shield with a Diamond into the top with two swords diagonally.
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