why clan is not inactive
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lets reach 100subs

Are you good at agario?
Plus what do u want your CLAU Name to be?

Hey I'm on right now

Anyone else might be able to play on friday? I don't think I'll be playing over the weekend cause I want to hang out with my still in middle school friend that I haven't seen in a while

I might be able to play on friday, what time

(CLAU Charmless) Hello CLAU Members in this new update you need to use this "(YourCLAUname)" in the beggining of every post.
This is so it's easier to tell who you are. You can avoid doing this by having your google+ name be your CLAU name an example is CLAU smash.
Thats all.

Does anyone use the discord?

Hey Charmless, The discord kicked me off for some reason and It wont let me log in

Can Anyone play right now?


I didn't get the email?
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