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Hello everyone! I just want to make sure that on the template you MUST have a bio, and it has to (at least) be a short paragraph. If you read owner's +Death Rose-Chan post in discussion (since I'm going to be pinning this), she also says this. I just don't want anyone to get in trouble, so please make sure you follow profile template. Also please put student profiles in the "Student Profiles" category, NOT in "Discussion", and teacher profiles in the "Teacher Profiles"

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Also just a reminder, DO NOT roleplay on profiles, profiles are there to get to know the character, or the creator, etc, not to roleplay. You may ask on their profile if you may roleplay with them, but other then that please NO roleplaying on profiles. Besides that you HAVE to be Approved on your profile before you may roleplay on the community, do not roleplay on THIS community if you have not been Approved, if it has been MORE THAN 2 DAYS without an Owner or Moderator to approve, PLEASE TAG ONE OF US. I will put the Owner down below with the Moderators also

OWNER~ +Death Rose-Chan

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Orientation (Sexuality):
Abilities/ Disabilities:
Bio (At least a paragraph);
Other Info:

~Thank you!

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Name: Artis
Age: 16
Grade: 10
Species: unknown
Personality: Sweet but salty (kinda a two person personality)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Abilities: Create portals (kinda like making her own timeline) controls plants and Voodoo
Disability: Ice
Likes: People (sometimes), sweets, magic
Dislikes: non organic made products, and people eating with their mouth open
Bio: Artis was a lab experiment by a random guy (not a lisenced scientist) and named her Artis after Athemis, the goddess. The guy added anything to his experiment from plant extract, clocks, to dolls to witch potions. When's Artis was done and alive, the guy died from the black plague and Artis ran away by using her own timeline. She managed to teleport somewhere else while freezing time and not negatively effecting it when it unfroze. She eventually learned her powers but still tries to control her split personalities.

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She threw punches at the boys as they tried to pin her to the wall. She got one in the jaw and the other in the gut. They wouldn't give up though and continued to push her against the wall. Bruises were already forming on her arms and she had a cut on her cheek.
She struggled and growled when you came into view. You decided to...

((Open roleplay))
((Pps only))

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sits in a bench playing the guitar alone and feeling peaceful he sings to the song he's playing

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Name: Sakura Lynn Maiko
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
Species: Mermaid/Human
Personality: Tsundere, Easily Flustered, Geek
Orientation (Sexuality): Lesbian
Gender: Female
Abilities: Able to breathe under water, able to form fins on face and mermaid tail. Tail and fins change color depending on how she's feeling ie: Red means she's mad. Able to control storms and the weather. Also has the ability to talk to sea creatures. Disabilities: If she gets wet, even if she's on the surface, she'll develop her tail and fins.
Likes: Memes, the water, dolphins, music, the colour light blue and seashells
dislikes: getting embarrassed and tests.
Bio: She originally lived with her parents in the sea, but was sent to this school to study the life on earth and humans.
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Name: Romaji

Age: 16

Grade: 11

Species: Vampire, death dealer

Personality: introvert, protective over loved ones

Orientation (Sexuality): Bi

Gender: Female

Abilities/ Disabilities: Change into feline form, strong, excellent at gun and knife play

Likes: being alone when I want, knives, blood, Truth

Dislikes: Bullies, lies, back stabbers, cocky people

Bio: She was a nightwaker as some would call her but no one dared to cross her. She had very little memory of her past but she didn't care. She woke up one day in a dark, wet, cold place with a burning of hunger. But not for food, but for blood. She was found by a man named Viktor who had taken her into his clan before his sleep. He had her be trained in the deadly arts declaring she would be known as a death dealer. But he wanted to also be educated therefore he had his clan set up a plan for her to go to school. And that is why she is here.

Other Info: (My character is based off of selene from underworld but with my own spin)
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Name: "Rumi" Kyeodi

Actual name: Jared

Age: Rumi is a ten year old, dead student who is for some reason stuck in purgatory in a high school.
Grade: A for Angsty ghost beb (I'm just playing, she dies in eleventh grade. Even though she's not suppose to be in that grade at all.)
Species: Spooky ghost cat kiddo
Personality: Rumi has personalities such as shy, calm, isolated, quiet, bothered, tired, frightened, unhappy, anxious, reflecting on how her life/afterlife is currently. She cowers in fear when people yell at her, and thinks a lot.

Sexual Orientation: She thinks she's asexual.

Gender: Female

Pronouns: they/them she/her
Abilities/Disabilities: She has the abilities to do normal purge ghost things. Like store things she finds off the ground inside of her ghost skin, and eat things like oil and flammable liquids. Then only actual food she is able to consume without it getting stuck in her tar-like mouth is tiny pretzels for some reason.

Likes: She likes thinks that any normal person would. She likes to think, and speak with people since she doesn't get the chance to very much. Most people would run away from a ghost child, and this was sad to know.

Dislikes: She honestly does not like sleeping. To some reason, her dreams ate like what public hell would be. Her dreams induce anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and usually only sleeps every three or four months. It honestly depends on how long she's able to stay awake. She also dislikes her cousins a bit. She's a very nice person, but makes Rumi feel unknowingly uncomfortable. Especially because of the fact the her cousin wants to be in a relationship with her. Oh, and she doesn't really like tiny pretzels that much either, but would marry one if she could.

Bio: Rumi killed herself due to feeling unsafe in her home and anywhere she went. She feels somewhat safe now, but isolated and cold. It's like hell, but.. Not? She's not sure how to describe it exactly. But, she doesn't like it. She misses her dads, who were nice, but one killed people for their husband which is kind of hard to live with.

Other information: "Everyone thinks is funny that I'm dead and it's not. It kind of is? Actually, never mind, it isn't."
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So this is were that accursed Haruka lives. Seems like a horrible place to learn if I must say. Even the academy that I learned my magic was a better place then this. Although I guess I'm going to have to learn this worlds...What are they called... Academic performance I believe. Yeah that sounds about right to me.

Haruka would continue to speak to herself as she headed into the school building,looking around the environment that she will be living in for a while. Satomi looked at some of the students passing by. Looking at them with a dead look in her eyes as she tried to find her target Haruka Iwasaki. She had intended to find her before the class she shares with her since it would be harder for her to kill her during class then out of class. It did peak her interest a little bit that everyone was wearing almost the same thing as if they were in an army. The only reason why it confused her is that she was unaware of the school dress code policy, so for the time being she still walked around in her dark robes.

I don't understand why killing is so looked down upon in this world. It must be that girls fault for wanting to dam me in this new type of hell. I guess I should..Maybe I should get her when she heads to her dorm..No that won't work. If I recall she heads into that large village at around nine. If I plan it right I could.. possibly get her as she is walking to that place. Yeah...That sounds good so all I should have to do is ensure that I observe her actions in this environment and to learn what this place is teaching her.

She nodded to herself, satisfied with the recent created plan as she makes her way around the corner. However just before she could react she would span into you. Falling backwards while doing so.
"Oh...My Bad"
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