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Welcome to school! This is an all Middle School/High School RP community. You can be a witch, demon, angel, shapeshifter, ghost, anything as long as it is reasonable. Though there are some rules, and we expect you to follow them all

1. Respect Owners/Mods, or people in general (This will count as a warning).

2. Nothing too inappropriate (If broken, it will count as a warning).

3. Please post in right category (This will count as a warning).

4. Follow the template. (Though you may add to it)

5. Please use decent spelling/grammar.

Make sure you keep a lookout in Warning [] MODS ONLY [] category for warnings, just to make sure your okay and everything.

Here is the template (you MUST have all of this in your profile, you may add things to this though). Please note that you profile should/must be approved before roleplaying. If it has not been approved within 2 DAYS you may tag a mod/owner.

Orientation (Sexuality):
Abilities/ Disabilities:
Bio (At least a paragraph):
Other Info:

Also, if you run into problems with a member or see someone who has/may have broken the rules, tag a mod/owner. DO NOT take things into your own hands (as it my count as a warning, depending....).

+Death Rose-Chan

+Pixel Eclipse
+Sliver Blossom

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(Open rp)
sleeping in class

Sitting under a tree in my human form. There’s a soft breeze and it’s a beautiful day. Then some mean kids come running towards me yelling, Get her! Get her! I take off towards the forest and shift into wolf form. I’m able to outrun them and hide in a hollow tree. Once I was sure was safe I came out, you saw me and said...

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Name: Adrianna Braxton
Age: 16
Grade: 10th Sophomore
Species: Shapeshifter
Personality: Kind, Quiet, Gentle and Sweet
Orientation: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Abilities/ Disabilities: Transforms into a wolf at will. Can talk to animals.
Likes: Music, Art, Books, Dance, Running through the forest, and playing with my animal friends.
Dislikes: Hunters, Trappers, Long winters, Bullies and Taxidermists
Bio: My Father was a shapeshifter, when he met my mother she said she didn’t care. She loved him and she was so proud that I was born with the ability to shift as well. I don’t really have a lot of friends, human friends, that is. Most of my friends live in the forest.
Other Info: None
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on a Sunday afternoon
i am laying on the grass under a
tree having a nap thinking
about my past mind: why? why
was i born with my abilities?
you see me and ....

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Name: Clare Slayer
Age: 17
Species: Neko/Demon hybrid
Personality: nice and bubbly (depending on the day of the week)
Orientation (Sexuality): bi
Gender: Female
Abilities/ Disabilities: mind reading,
Likes: nice people music, playing, having fun, being patted on the head, cool people that are friendly.
Dislikes: loud people in the morning, Debby downers, mean people.
Bio (At least a paragraph): Well i'm a Demon Neko hybrid but um i'm pretty nice once you get to know me or when i'm interested in someone. i actually am consider kinda mean and have a bad habit of hatting people before getting to know then. if i hate them long enough with out a reason i then try to find out if i actually hate them or not. i'm a good student and i get great grades, but if go through a change you'll know it. my body will shake and float along with a few desk. my changes are unpredictable.
Other Info: the days my demon side comes out are the days i'm not so nice.
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((First starter in here, I know it sucks, but what are you gonna do, right? I'm fine with first person or third person perspective, and I'm fine with doing the RP in the comments. Uh, yeah, that's about it. Please enjoy my trash writing.))

Tom entered the music room, catching it when it was empty. He chuckled and walked over to his personal amplifier, plugging in a cord. He slipped a bag off if his back, and opened it, revealing a black electric guitar, which he promptly plugged the cable into. He straightened out his Bad Religion shirt and carefully put the strap over his shoulders. Grinning, he flipped on his amp, and cranked the volume, launching into a heavy riff, singing softly as he played, not caring if anyone heard him at the moment.

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Can someone help me I'm bad at setting up profiles plus I'm a student

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Greetings! May I borrow a profile template? I'll make sure to credit ya'll.

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"I'm only here so I can get go pro!"


✤ Full Name ✤: Skylar Michelle Kat
✤ Nickname ✤:Sky
✤ Reason for nickname ✤: its her first name shortened
✤ Age ✤: 16
✤ Gender ✤: Female
✤ Place of Birth ✤: in a hospital
✤ Birthday ✤: 10/20
✤ Species/Race ✤: White
✤ Blood Type ✤:O+
✤ Occupation ✤: Highschool but sings at cafès
✤ Sexual Orientation ✤: Bisexual
✤ Social Status ✤: popular
✤ Relationship Status ✤: Single


✤ Body Build ✤: Tall and thick
✤ Height ✤: 5'8
✤ Weight ✤: 160
✤ Skin colour ✤: white
✤ Hair style ✤: always down besides when she's doing sports
✤ Hair colour ✤: pink
✤ Eye colour ✤: Blue
✤ Preferred Clothing ✤: pants or shorts and shirts or tank tops
✤ Accessories ✤: a ring to symbolize her family


✤ General health ✤: healthy
✤ Posture ✤: perfect
✤ Any physical illnesses? ✤: no
✤ Any mental illnesses? ✤: ADHD
✤ Take drugs? ✤:no
✤ Smoke? ✤: no
✤ Alcohol? ✤: no


✤ Way of speaking ✤: shy but confident
✤ Common conversation starter ✤: hey
✤ Swears? ✤: yes


✤ Likes ✤: anything thats good
✤ Dislikes ✤:bullies and haters



✤ Strengths ✤: helpfulness
✤ Weaknesses ✤: anything cute or anything kind

Can sing perfectly



✤ Food ✤: ice cream
✤ Colour ✤: pink
✤ Animal ✤: Cat
✤ Number ✤: 16
✤ Holiday ✤: Christmas
✤ Season ✤: Fall
✤ Time of day ✤: Night
✤ Thing to watch ✤: Anime
✤ Movie ✤:hunger games
✤ Show ✤:shadow hunters
✤ Type of art ✤: Music
✤ Genre of music ✤:
✤ Genre of literature ✤: Romance
✤ Genre of shows ✤: Romance
✤ Genre of movies ✤:Romance

Lost family at a young to a clear accident

Shy sweet loveably


✤ Family ✤: Dead
✤ Love interest ✤: None
✤ Friends/Allies ✤: None
✤ Enemies ✤: None

"Singing is more important than math!"

((Did I do it right?))
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