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Aha....Fun Time

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aaahh....Edward.......u r sleeping like this again

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oh, i can not wait to reach Rush Valley !!!

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Name: Blare Mustang
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: purple
Skin Tone: Ivory
Height: 5'1Ft
Weight: 95Ibs
Birth date: January 11th
Personality: Shy, sweet, kind, Energetic, Intelligent
Sexuality: Bi
Lefty/Righty: Righty
Theme Song: "Welcome to My Life" - Simple Plan
Mother- Unknown
Father- Roy Mustang (Adoptive)
Siblings: (Open)
> Singing
> Reading
> Learning Alchemy

Has several scars all over her body
Blare grew up without parents on the street. When she was ten, Roy Mustang took her in and eventually ended up adopting her. Now as a practicing alchemist, she also helps around the house with the usual house cleaning and cooking. She enjoys music and spending time with friends. She also likes picking on the Elric brothers from time to time.

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Theirs 19 members but only like 8 people have posted anything... =_= I just joined! XD Lets get some action! Honestly joined this community because there isn't that many people in here and because I love FMA

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Name: Alphonse Elric
Title: Armored Alchemist
Other: Al, The Little Armor Boy
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 7th, 1900
Birth Place: Resembool
Age: 14-15 or 17 (Dependent on what timeline we RP on)
Height: 7'3" (Armor form) 5'10" (human form)
Weight: ?
Eyes: Red/ Yellow (Armor) Goldish (human)
Hair : Goldish-brown (Human)
Blood Type: N/A
Unusual Features: Large, Metal body
Occupation: Alchemist; Brother
Abilities: Unable to feel pain; very strong
Appearance: Large, Metal suit of armor with large spikes on the shoulders and feet. A long, white band on his head and white (or violet)"apron".
Personality:A child trapped in a menacing metal body at the age of 10, Al is polite to a fault. He is often the voice of reason when Ed get's carried away. A brilliant alchemist in his own right, Al wants nothing more than to restore his brother's limbs. He longs to feel human again.
Bio:Alphonse Elric is the younger brother of Edward Elric. Al, like his brother, showed a prominent gift in Alchemy. When their mother died, the brothers tried to bring her back to Life using Alchemy. In a freak accident during the transformation Alphonse lost his body. Edward bonded Al's soul to an Iron suit. Because of this, Al's body is the iron suit. Al follows Edward around to look for a way to reverse what happen to Ed and Al.

Losing your physical body would make anyone lose hope. Despite it all, however, Al retains his kindness and purity, so much that we forget he is a soul-bonded suit of armor. Who knew that a grotesque suit of armor could be so cute and lovable. Although his naiveté occasionally gets the brothers in trouble, his strength is his ability to see the good in others. Despite this, Al is often times the voice of reason and keeps his brother in check.
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+Maes Hughes if we Break the rules do we get...

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When you're babysitting and the kids trash the room you just cleaned

Anime: Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

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#AttackonTitan || #ShingekinoKyojin || #Anime || #Manga 

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When someone says Maes Hughes

Ok I have some rules I know they are not fun but we need them to keep in order.
1.No spam if you do spam the comment will be deleted
2.No Roleplaying with any unapproved characters
3.You can do sexual RP's but if you do a whole relationship thing or think about doing a pregnancy thing then you must ask me first
4.There can only be 1 of every character
5.You can make as many profiles as you want
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