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two things, i know i'm a mod but i havent posted on this at all, i really like Jurassic park and rping, so, just a few question:
1. whats the template for the character design (like are their any requirements)
2. Does this take place in Jurassic World, or Jurassic Park, and what time period

Hey, I have a new acount, +RP MASTER!!!!!!  and I will be using it from now on to do my Ping, so would the owner +Kaleb CL please promote it to moderator please

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name: Alyssa Grant
age: 21
nickname: Alan Jr

Interesting how there's all these made characters, and there are literally three stories here. And I wrote two of them.

I wonder, how different would this page look if people quit just making OC's and made stories for their characters? There'd be a whole, fleshed-out island full of oddly-badass heroes trying to survive a Jurassic apocalypse. But sadly, no one's had the time to go back and back up their OC's with a story. I understand that writing is haaard, and you're worried it'll look like crap, but if you're not prepared to write even one single poorly-done story (which, may I add, would be much, much, MUCH better than no story at all) then perhaps you shouldn't be making OC's. Which is quite a shame, because I saw some really cool ones on here - Broly's concept of a dinosaur main looked like it had great potential, for example. But no one's taken the time to make their characters into stories, even crappy ones. Even I'm guilty of that, but at least I wrote a couple stories before going cold for the past few months. Now on, I'll keep writing my stories, if only to give the community a bit more meat. (Besides, I kinda like the concept of my character)

On crappy stories: If you're not writing because you're embarrassed it won't be good, this is the internet. You're not getting paid for this. This is for fun. If it's legible and semi-intriguing, people will say it's awesome. We're not critics, or if we are, we're terrible critics. If you're not writing because you don't have time, write for five minutes everyday. When you get the inspiration, just jot down some notes on a piece of paper and add it to the story when you find the time. No one said you have to write in block-hours or anything.

This rant has been brought to you by a writing-obsessed, half-crazed, slightly irritated moderator.

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Name: Salmon 
Age: 3 Years and 2 Months 
Gender: Male
 Species: Baryonyx
 Weapons: sharp Claws, Duck Like Jaws. Tail ETC 
Height: 12 feet 6 inches 
Weight: 2.2 Tons
Bio: Made in a Lab to Be the Replacement to the More Well Know Spainasoures and will be In the Lake.Rives Areas of the Park. 

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Name, Jackson cod
Nickname, Bulls-eye 
Age, 45 
Gender, Male
Past life, He has a military background, and before that he was a farmer. 
Weapons, Remington 870 (shot gun) Colt revolver,
Skills, Tracking, Great shot, engineer,
Likes, Hunting, Meat, Cigars, Fishing, Bacon, 
Dislikes, Dinosaurs, No more cigars,
Jackson is a skilled tracker who was called in to help as security at Jurassic Park , he is a content soldier, and a experienced fighter. 

Name: Sara Roman
Nickname: Rome, Star
Age: 30
Looks: red curly hair, blue eyes
Hobbies: Drawing, Rock Climbing
She is the daughter of a scientist that worked on Isla Nublar when the park incident of 1995 happened. Thankfuly they left hearlier in the day and survived along with other workers. A few years later she signed up to go to Isla Sorna to sketch and draw several species on the island. After narrowly escaping the L.A. incident she went to work an office job at ingen before being drawn back into the game of dinosaur catalog and capture on Isla Nublar. Now she is the lead game ranger in Jurassic World and occasionaly breaks away from her work to sketch and observe the raptors with her good friend Owen

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Name: Alexa Harding

Age: 24

Family: cousin Sara Harding

Past Life: Worked at the LA zoo around the time the Rex arrived and got an internship at the Jurassic World nurseries years before becoming a senior Private Tour Guide 

Looks: Brown hair, Blue/greenish eyes, tons of freckles

Personality: Shy. Easy going when it comes to exploring the jungle. Tends to stray when not payingng attention

Weapons: Knife, flair gun, tranquilizer gun

Outfit: Long tan cargo pants. Blue JW Tour Guide shirt, Hiking boots, and clue JW ball cap

Extra: Drives one of the two old gas jeeps from The Jurassic Park
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