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Android Unfiltered Community Rules

Updated 7/23/17

Welcome to the Android Unfiltered Community Forum. First of all, thanks for joining and taking the time to read the rules. As the site owner and forum community moderator, I truly appreciate it.

Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change. I'll update this post with any modifications.

1. ABSOLUTELY NO RACISM OR THREATS OF VIOLENCE OR PHYSICAL HARM. - This should go without saying. We don't mind harmless trolls, but there is a line that we will not tolerate being crossed.

2. NO SPAM - We don't mind if you share a link to great content, but there's a difference between spreading the word about something cool and outright spamming. If we catch you - and we will - you're gone.

3. USE APPROPRIATE TOPIC CATEGORIES FOR POSTING - We're slightly OCD, plus it helps our community members find the posts that they're most interested in. If we keep things organized, it provides a better experience for everyone.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN! -We want this to be a fun community for us and all of our members. We'll do our part to keep things interesting, but you've gotta help us out by engaging and having fun here!

As for now, that's really it. Again, if we need to revise these rules, we will. Hopefully we won't have to resort to that.

Also, it's certainly not mandatory, but it'd make my day if you stopped by our site at and had a look around.

Either way, thanks again and enjoy your stay here. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything.
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For those that want to watch ... after laughing at the fruit company's silliness, I'm ready to see some innovation beyond Samsung

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What about you?
Do you use a case on your device or do you prefer to keep it naked? If you're using one, which brand are you using? How's it working for you? Let us know :)

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Love it!
Say hello to the new digs!

We are STOKED to announce our site redesign and new logo! Go have a look and help us out with a reshare so the world knows!

Shout outs to +Nitish Saxena for the gorgeous new theme and all the effort he put into making our site as awesome as it looks. We hope you agree and love it as much as we do!

From the entire Android Unfiltered crew - thank you to everyone. We love you!

+Tony Simons
+Cliff Wade
+Rob Blaich
+Char G
+Martin Guay

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Good to know
BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerability

Just a heads up... You may want to turn your Bluetooth off when you're not using it...

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Maybe we should have a tutorial section in the community. +Tony Simons

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My Note 8 just arrived...
4 Photos - View album

If your carrier is T-Mobile and you pre-ordered the Note8, check your delivery status. I had to use the mobile app by the way because for some reason, the UPS website hates Chrome and now Firefox.
Getting mine tomorrow.
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