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Welcome to the Third Eye Games G+ Community! Instead of going to any stuffy old forums, we invite you to ask any questions you have here, where either Eloy Lasanta (the owner) or one of the awesome Third Eye Games fans would be more than happy to answer them for you!

Here, you can discuss Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., Sins of the Father, Part-Time Gods and Pip System Games. However, we also have a few game specific communities as well:

AMP: Year One:

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition:

He All, I was curious if anyone has converted established settings or games such as Dark Sun or Mouse Guard over to the Pip System? I am considering converting Dark Sun or possibly other settings/games (depending on my group's interest) and would be curious to see others take on using the system for adaptations. I look forward to seeing what others have done for some inspiration.

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Everyone's doing the "Here's what I'm doing at GenCon" post, but I have so much I had to make a big blog post about it. Lots of games, awards shows, and panels. I hope to see you al there!

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Third Eye Games is offering a new corebook bundle called... Sins of the AMP Apocalypse Bundle for only $25!!!! Check it out!

I so love discount sales on Free Rpg day. Snagged Divine Instruments and Minions of the Source for 5 bucks each!

OMG, I have a ton going on right now, so I thought I'd do a post to go through it all:

1) Part-Time Gods Second Edition Kickstarter is about to finished (4 days!!!) and manuscript is going into editing.
2) Literally waiting on 6 pieces of art to finish AMP: Year Four and send it out. It's excruciating to not already have it out, trust me.
3) Simultaneously working on Affiliation Guide: Retribution as well. I love the new power in that guide.
4) H. P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy is awaiting its second round of art approvals, but is otherwise moving closer to completion.
5) HPL Pip and Savage are both back from 1st Draft, awaiting my developmental touch.
6) Finishing up the next Clan Pack for -The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition
7) Looking for ninja writers for future books too. If you're game, hit me up.
8) Conveting API Worldwide: Canada to both Savage Worlds and DGS2.0. Almost there, just needs one more pass on the DGS rules updates and then it goes to editing.
9) Writing has begun on Sins of the Father Companion
10) Writing has begun on A Kid's Guide to Monster Hunting for the Pip System
11) We've been considering translating Brennan Bishop's Storm Battalion to the Pip System... any thoughts people?
12) We delivered on Pip System Primer #2 and already working on #3 - Aliens!
13) Just finished the ORUN QuickStart as well and that launched yesterday. Grab a copy if you didn't already.

On top of all that, I have been in talks about a license. We'll see what comes of that, though.

Something else that's been on my mind: How do Risen differ from regular people (if they do)? I mean aside from whatever Twists they have and their interaction with contamination; is there anything that marks them as different? Strange colored eyes? Lack of heartbeat? Anything like that? I keep thinking of someone cheerfully informing people that he's "technically a form of undead."

Before anything else, I'd like to say I wish this game got more attention. That said; as per my habit of making character's out of boredom, I was looking at the Storm Generator twist, and I was looking for clarification on something: It says that when a Harbinger (3rd level) dies the storm erupts into a level 3 storm; does this mean that a storm they have going suddenly becomes level 3 or that they explode into a level 3 storm upon death? Because the latter sounds like it'd be a nasty surprise upon killing someone.

I had a question regarding the Beast Form Entitlement. Does it allow a god to turn into multiple different types of animals per day? Could a god pull a Loki, and take the form a bird, a fish, a wolf, etc.. all within the same day?

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