Name: Smudge
Clan/rank: Rogue/loner
Personality: Very Trusting
Age:(2 years) 24 moons I think

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name: iris
gender: she-cat
personality: you'll find out
sexuality: bi
rank: none
clan: none, is a loner
age: 24 moons ( 2 years )
bio: n/a



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would anybody like to rp?

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~Newbie alert~

Age:18 moons
Crush:N/A ;3
Mate:N/A ;3
Father :Unknown

Personality :Clarity is a soft spoken female who has a strong mind set too, she knows about the clans and is quite clever, able to be able to avoid this so far. She can be quite shy yet kind, she's stubborn, and can also be firece if you provoke her, no doubt she's still vulnerable, very vulnerable sometimes brain can't compare to muscle, and that's what she lacks. She's well natured and polite, her purity white alluring to others.

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Name: Branchgaze
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Thuderclan
Looks: Orange and gray fur and Green eyes
Age: 16 moons
Theme song: Centuries
Gender: male
Mate: Sandy
Name: Sandy
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: kittypet
Clan: none
Looks: tan fur and Blue eyes
Age: 15 moons
Theme: don't let me down
Gender: female
Mate: Branchgaze

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(Comment! Please have good grammer amd write at least 2 sentances!)

Name: Spottedbelly

Age: 12 moons

Gender: She-cat

Clan: Windclan

S/O: Straight

Role: Switch

Likes: Hunting/Patrolling with toms, breeding

Personality: All Spottedbelly ever wants to do is mate.
Other Info:

Spottedbelly was born with some strange powers. She is ALWAYS in heat, even when she is pregnant, and her heat scent is 10 times stronger than normal, meaning in camp the enitre clan always smells like a cat in heat. She can carry multiple litters at the same time.


does anyone want to rp?? i can rp male or female!!

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Hey! I'm looking for someone to RP with! I can do anything ya want! I'm fine with any kink, any scenario, any character to suit your needs anything! Just comment if ya wanna rp! I prefer at least 2 lines and correct grammer! :3

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anyone want to do a rp
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