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Hey R&B /Hip Hop Music Lovers

How's everyone 
Could you all do me a favour and check out my new R&B Mixtape Duality : A-Side.
Duality is a 2 Part journey that starts off happy and ends up going in a direction you could never imagine.

Part 1 (A-Side) takes you through a journey of youth where things are new and allows you to enjoy yourself beyond limits you've reached before, but nothing good ever lasts, as you get approach the climax of this journey you realise it's not quite over & things aren't what they seemed to be , leaving you yearning to flip over the tape to Part 2 (B-Side).

Duality has already been described as a timeless album  'bringing back and blending Old School R&B / HipHop with New School.'
Surely not something to miss out on.

I would really appreciate it if you checked it out and let me know your thoughts on it and if anybody wants to collab I'm down just comment .
Mixtape/Album Stream & Download Links (Download) (Stream & Download) (Stream & Download/ Read Description) (Stream & Download)

Thank you for your time and please enjoy.


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 I was once signed to R-Kelly's label.

This is me.

Looking to collaborate and do some shows.

I use all "live" instruments.


hy guyz join in

hey plz cum and join this community i need as many peeps i can get
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