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WatchAwear - Companion for Watchmaker

This is a Re-Release. Due to a Google coding restriction on the "targetSdk" number, the typo that I made, unfortunately made that version inoperable. Please delete the old version and install this version.

Reinstall by touching the image or link below. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue. If you enjoy the app, please leave a review and rating. If you find a problem, please let me know via email and I will do my best to resolve it.


App Description

"WatchAwear - Companion for WatchMaker Premium", adds thousands of free watchfaces and graphics for the users of "Watch Face - WatchMaker Premium" app and "WatchMaker Live WallPaper" app. So if you own "Watch Face - WatchMaker Premium" or "WatchMaker Live WallPaper", you now have access to thousands more watchfaces and growing.

So if you have:
- "An Android Wear SmartWatch"
- Installed "Watch Face - WatchMaker Premium" or "Watchmaker Live WallPaper".....

Then download the WatchAwear App and start enjoying thousands more watchfaces and even improve your own designing of smartwatch watchfaces!

- Browse & Install "Watchmaker Premium" Watchfaces
- Browse & Install "WatchMaker Watch Templates & Tutorials"
- Browse & Install "Watchmaker Live WallPaper" Zip-Packs
- Browse & Install "WatchAwear's Featured Artist" Watchfaces for WatchMaker
- Browse & Install "WatchAwear's Watch Hand Zip-Packs"
- Browse & Install "WatchAwear Member Watch Hand Zip-Packs"
- Browse & Install "WatchAwear Member Graphic Zip-Packs"
- Search and Sort
- Bottom Menu
- Signup & Login for access to additional features
- Upload Your WatchMaker Premium Watchface Creations
- Share Your Watchmaker Watchface with Social Media, Email etc.
- View all of your "Uploads" in the "My Uploads" section
- Edit Your Profile

On the App Home Page:
- Touch the Hamburger Menu in upper left for options (Login etc.)
- Scroll up & down to view all categories
- Scroll left & right on categories to see the 10 latest uploads in category
- Touch the "More" button on a category to "View All"
- Directly Install from the 10 latest designs per category

On any Category Page:
- Touch the "Back Arrow" in upper left corner to return to Home Page
- Scroll up and down to view more
- Touch a "Title" to view "Description" if exists (scroll up & down in description)
- Touch Red "+ Images" button to view any additional images (scroll left & right to view)
- Touch the "Install" button to install your selection
- Accept or Cancel the License Agreement if one exists

View & Install Watchfaces into WatchMaker Premium:
- From the Homepage, select a category with watchfaces and touch the "More" button
- Scroll down to see the available Watchmaker Premium watchfaces
- Select one you like and touch the "Install" button
- WatchAwear App will install your selection by your choice into WatchMaker Premium or WatchMaker Live WallPaper
- WatchMaker opens and shows Installation Success!!!
- Touch your phones "Back Button" to return to the WatchAwear App

Graphics & WatchMaker Live WallPaper Categories:
- From the Homepage, touch the "More" button
- Your selected Fitem will be installed to your phone
- WatchAwear App uses the smart folder structure to make it easy to remember

1. Bottom Menu
2. Search/Sort Feature

The Bottom Menu contains links for:
- Home
- My Uploads
- Search
- Login

Search/Sort Feature Page contains:
- Search Box
- 6 pre-sorted categories
- Search Results are sorted into 6 categories:
1. Round
2. Square
3. With Dim Mode
4. Without Dim Mode
5. Protected/Locked
6. Unprotected/Unlocked

When installing "Graphics such as Watch Hands, the WatchAwear App installs them in your "Downloads" folder on your phone. It creates a set of folders in your "Downloads" as needed. It follows this basic structure:
/Download/WatchAwear/Category Name/File Name/unzipped files

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Coming together WIP by WIP!!! ☺️
4 Photos - View album

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Whip it... Whip it good. Found these hands and we got a watch now. Still a WIP..........

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WIP...... ⌚
I wonder if I can get hands for this when I am done?

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WatchAwear - Companion for WatchMaker

Updates coming up in the next release:

1. Pagination - to increase the app speed loading
2. Edit Files - edit your uploads in "My Uploads"
3. Crash fixes
4. Bug squashing

This update will bring a better experience for both types of users.... Uploaders and Downloaders. Overall a better, faster experience.

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And the final version for silver/grey

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Also Coming Soon....

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🚦🚦🚦Steinhart RACETIMER πŸš₯πŸš₯πŸš₯

BOGO! Buy one watch for free and get a very similar second watch for FREE!! Just ask my buddy +Andlaw and he'll help you out.

Tap center for zoom (just for you Tony)

Tap 2 & 4 for Stopwatch

Tap 6 for Dim Options

Tap 9 for Darkness Filter

Second hand is battery level when ambient

It's unlocked and anyone is free to use parts as long as they give proper credit. Ok to post your own version in whole or in part, or use hands for another watch as well.

It is ABSOLUTELY not OK to use any parts or whole of this watch to sell. If you try to sell I will find you and make sure it's publicly known that you are doing so. πŸ˜‰

By downloading, you agree to above restrictions.

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Coming soon to a watch near you! ☺️

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