What to do with this community? Lots of possibilities, but they all require pretty regular replying from its members. What do YOU guys want to see  here that you don't get from the subreddit? Or should we just can it and just use the subreddit? Opinions requested!

Repost from the subreddit - Anyone here doing the Rock and Roll half or mini tomorrow?

So this place has been pretty quiet lately. Anyone doing a run this weekend and looking to score a side 5 from a fellow runner? Discuss!

I've been slacking this week on here. Roll call! Whats up?

Chicago Runs Hangouts - Any objections to making it live?

A few weeks ago, if you have google hangouts (formerly google talk), you probably got a test message from me.  Anyone object making google hangouts an active feature for us? This would make it like a live chat room type thing that you can talk to everyone in the circle via your phone or computer.

I think all I did was make the community as my contact list and sent a message, if not, just go to the member list and put everyone in a circle for this purpose. If you want out, I imagine its pretty easy.

I'm posting something similar on our reddit. Please leave any opinions/objects
(fixed typo- i no spell)

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Merge of Pace and Times Calendar with Events Calendar?

POLL TIME! Your privacy is the concern
Currently we have our pace and times doc
and we have our events calendar in its infancy:

Are there any objections to combining these into one workbook? Or do you want them separate?

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Are you doing a fun run today? Shout out the details! And upvote for exposure in /r/Chicago!

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Just saw the Burgers & Beer run posted for tonight. Not sure who posted it, but I definitely want to go -- is this the downtown or lakeview location? And do I have to be a member/pay a fee to do this?

Also, anyone else thinking of going?

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Here is my first attempt at the running "Calendar"

As I posted in the reddit thread:

This is my first attempt at making an document where anyone can add running events for everyone to see. I made it into a Google Excel Sheet as the Calendar option left the burden of populating it on myself or gathering every contributor's email to give them access.
I ask that you don't mess with the format, but if you have suggestions on how to make it better, please let me know.
If more than two events happens on a day, just add an extra set of columns.
Please give as many details as you see fit, but keep privacy and safety issues in mind.
Things to add: Running Club Events you attend (Local shoe store runs, Burger and Beer runs), Races, just looking for a running buddy, Running Meetup groups you'd like to see more people at, or social events for reddit runners.
Details to consider adding: Time, Location, way to contact each other, and paces.
Please leave feedback and suggestions! This is super basic right now.
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