Put down your Skype name losers!

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Alright team here's what we do this will be team losers first level! So we are going to use this layout woogi gave me a long time ago. So each one of us will add deco on a short part. I mostly make our but 2 reasons why I didn't wanna do it. I wanted to try something new and I'm too lazy XDDDDD. And if anyone join's they will join collab until there's Max (which is 15 people) . I will make the losers account. So who wanna go first?

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+[GD] XRuptureX
+Michele Ferronato mega lucario
+Geometry Dash Cubic
+GMD Foxy
+Josiah Bazan
+Toy Freddy The Fluffy Fazbear
Would yall like to collab now or until 8/10 people come? Unknown people should get a feature too.

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In Geometry Dash, you can find me as a golden user named: GD BrooBreh

How i can do a collab?

The first 8/10 people that joins this community we will collaborate.

This is team losers! This for people who are not popular!
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