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When the Christmas toy turns into a party hat.

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Trying to find out how to upload pics straight from my Lr to SmugMug. Found a plug-in, but not sure if it loaded correctly, or how to set it up in Lr...I am not that technically inclined on this sort of stuff, lol...

Anyone having particular success with getting their +SmugMug galleries appearing in Google searches care to share any tips?

Having little success with this myself having used the service for a couple of years and even having followed Smugmug advice on SEO, specific keywording, file names etc etc. If things don't improve then probably my last year with the service which would be a pity as it offers so much but (for me at least) the lack of visibility in searches is becoming a big issue. Thanks for any input.

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Love that the currency now changes to the Swedish one SEK. Thx alot +SmugMug :-)

does anyone here know how to create a custom page that can then be used as a template to create blog entries? i want it to be different slightly from my main pages/galleries and i want the ability to create a new one each time and just start populating it with content...any help on this would be great, thanks

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SmugMug Embed Plugin for Wordpress

For any Photographer using SmugMug to manage, and perhaps sell, their photography portfolio and WordPress for their photoblog, I‚Äôve found a really cool plugin called ‚ÄúSmugMug Embed‚ÄĚ. ¬†One of the great things about this plugin is that when someone clicks‚Ķ


apologies if I've missed anything but supposedly G+ supports large thumbnails since March.  I'm unable to get it to work with my Smugmug pics.  According to this,

"...your content needs to have full Open Graph or Schema implemented and have tags for:

* Image
* Title
* Description
* Type"

Is there a way to figure this out?  I'd be grateful for any help as I really dislike the G+ default small thumbnails. 

Hi all. So who has mastered the "New" SmugMug interface with regards to  making your new site look like the old one.

I started the journey, saved for later and every time I go back to do more work on it, it seems like I get more and more confused about what does what.

The worst part is, I'v been developing websites and designing directory structures since 1994

The one thing I am truly missing on SmugMug is a blog feature. Nothing fancy... just a way to tell story or publish a tutorial with a a few images and maybe a video - without the hassle of manually creating a page. This would be huge!
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