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Name: Azelia Arobynn DragonRunner

Gender: female

Age: Human Years: 15,001 Dragon years: 15

Race/Species: 3/4 Dragon god 1/4 demon

Weapons (if any): staff, fire

Abilites/Talents (if any): can completely dragonize (third pic), can half dragonize, can 1/4 dragonize, can change into a Dragon god (fourth pic), using fire, excellent hand to hand combat, telepathy, playing the ocarina, advanced senses an reflexes

Bio: 15001 years ago Azelia DragonRunner was viciously murdered. Fifteen years prior, Azelia was born...and the beginning of the end began. From childhood Azelia was a kind natured child. Though her father soon changed that. At the age of five her father told her that the world was a broken and bad place and that the only way it could was if they took reign. They being an evil organization that her father had created known as the Oniri. A deadly group of killers who only want to take over the world. Unfortunately she happily believed him and said that she would help heal the world. That was when her father started her training. She learned quickly. A war soon broke out in the world. They called this war the "Oniri War". When she was ten she happily killed thousands of innocent people. At the age of fifteen her kill total was 954,386,482. That same year on the day before the war ended Azelia was brutally murdered. She was resurrected and began wandering the world. For many years she wandered. One day she met +Brolza son of Broly​​. They became friends...but slowly that friendship became something more. One Valentine's Day he proposed and she accepted. Her mother was brutally murdered a few day later and she had to take her place as one of the Dragon gods. A lot of other stuff has happened but I can't remember it all so I'm just gonna put that and now we come to present time

//+Lilith Archane​​ 
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Name: Broly
Age: 105
Gender: Male
Likes: family also destruction and the hatred of Kakarot
Dislikes: the Z Fighters
Power: Saiyan God
Ability: God power and super strength an energy Shield and to destroy planets
Weapons: my fist of power
Bio: I am rolling the Legendary Super Saiyan the one that destroys galaxies ruin people's lives at an early age my power has grown dramatically my father and I were cast out by King Vegeta before it was destroyed by that bastard Frieza my father raised me on another planet. I never knew my mother but I know she's out there somewhere and I will not stop until I find her.

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//Open Rp
walks around very bored

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA thank you for the invite

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Name: Grail (last name unknown)

Gender: male

Age: 19

Race/Species: Dragon

Weapons (if any): bladed gloves, self

Abilites/Talents (if any): can create solidified illusions, can create invisible barriers, can teleport, can use the celestial energy from stars and other celestial bodies as weapons and to heal, can change into a black fox

Bio: Grail was found at the age of three years old out in the middle of the wilderness. He was brought to a small cottage. At about the edge of ten, two hunters burst into The cottage and killed the two people he considered his adoptive parents. There was a bright flash inside the house an blood splattered onto the windows. No-one knows what happened in that cottage but they did know that something killed those two hunters and it wasn't human. For nine long and grueling years he had to fend for himself and to protect the cottage he loved so. The day after his nineteenth birthday he said goodbye to his childhood home and left it in search of new adventure. Then he finally came across the academy, signed up, and now attends. His journey continues here...
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//Open RP, sparing only so no killing and no bringing other stuff into it

Jeremy walks onto the sparing grounds, looking around to see if anyone was willing to spar with him

"Wonder if anyone's up for a spar against a cat...."

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Name: Damian
Gender: male
Age: 999,999,999 years old
Race/Species: half Incubus and half dragon
Weapons (if any): claws and teeth, a dagger, a gas mask to filter poisons and smoke, a lilac scented gas that knocks out any who breath it in
Abilites/Talents (if any):

Compulsion- taking free will away from the target and making them do what you wish

Using knock out gas- using a lilac scented gas to put the target to sleep

Heat resistance- an ability that comes from being half demon but the ability is further increased by being half dragon

Telepathy- able to speak to other via the mind

Telekinesis- able to move objects without touching them

Flight- via wings

Captivating to most women- though he doesn't like doing it if needed he can manipulate women into doing what he wants or getting information from them

Can play the piano- though it doesn't count as an ability it is a talent and a hobby

Night vision- self explanatory

Writing poetry- another talent and a hobby

Transforming into a dragon- self explanatory

Transforming into a dragon (half)- only transforming into a dragon half-way

Super human strength- self explanatory

Super human speed- self explanatory

Enhanced senses- self explanatory
Bio: Damian is the product of the relationship of his Incubus father and dragonic mother. Unfortunately when a monster hunter caught wind of the relationship he decided to hunt them down. His mother and father were viciously murdered by this savage. He ran for his life and luckily survived. After years passed his abilities began to develop more thoroughly. He began to notice how he was much stronger than any usual person and how he was much faster. His eyesight allowed him to see things better and objects from far away more clearer. His sense of smell was very well developed to the point where it rivaled that of the domestic dog's. His hearing allowed him to hear things from miles away or miles underground. One day while wandering a city in human form, he was attacked by three muggers. They dragged him into an alley way but for some reason they let go of him. He hit the ground but got back up. There was a sudden surge of power and heat inside of his body. He looked at them and they were absolutely terrified. He looked at his hands and they were covered in scales. Serated claws at his fingertips. A dragon's tail lashed behind him and scaley wings protruded from his back. The muggers ran. Suddenly the heat and power disappeared and the claws, scales, wings, and tail disappeared as well. He left the alley completely calm but confused and a bit terrified on the inside. What had just happened??? What had caused it??? He decided to leave the city and find somewhere safe. He came to Pandora for sanctuary. His journey continues in RP...

This section is specially made for those who don't RP but enjoy telling and writing stories. Please feel free to post as much as you like in this section.
+THOMAZ RIBAS​​ if you like story telling you should try posting in this section.

// Okay. For you people who RP as saiyains from DBZ/DBGt/DBS you can use a saiyain OC or character. They are considered a humanoid alien race and therefore are considered mythical. You can use them. So do not worry
^ _ ^ Also. Any alien race from anime, television or movies (examples being the Namekian race from Dragon Ball and even the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise) are accepted as well. That is all for now. Enjoy the rest of your day ^ _ ^ 

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