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This community is based purely on the art of the man Simon Stalenhag. All credit for it belongs to him.

1. No Sex RPs
2. Respect the mods
3. Try to be friendly to each other please.
4. You HAVE to make a profile if you want to RP, got it?
5. Wait for one of the mods or owners to approve your profile before you start roleplaying.
6. If you're going to do a fight RP, make sure you fight fair. Don't dodge or block every single attack.
7. During fight RPs, make sure that the other person is alright with their character sustaining serious damage.
8. Ask before you join an RP if there are already comments.
9. Mods: Please don't change the name, tagline, description, banner, or categories' names.
10. If you ask for Mod, I can guarantee that you will not receive mod for a VERY long time.

Mods can approve profiles.

Other Stuff:
Pictures and the "Other Stuff" part are optional.

These pictures are of each of their selective areas, I'm sure you can tell which are which
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(Alright, let's get this going)

an odd figure walked among the streets of the city. She was thin and pale, and had hair that reached down to her knees. She walked along, eying the restaurants and the plates of food that were being served.

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Nuru had planted herself next to a tree, absorbing nutrients from the earth.
She relaxed and leaned her spear on the tree, sighing.
"Meatmen everywhere.."

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Name: Nidhogg

Nicknames: "Nid," "Niddy," "Hoggy," "Mr. Black," "The Man in Black," "The Black Rose"

" chuckles "

"It's not Redneck if it works."

"See, the problem here is that you seem to mistake me for some sort of Dumbass."

"The Shadows are a tricky thing... It's almost like they emulate their Owner..."



Gender: male

Species: that's a tricky question, but I think he's most like a Demon

Age: ??? (Somewhere between 65-66 million years)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: ???, but is very skinny, almost frail (but is somehow ridiculously strong)

Skin: white, scarred all over. (No, like, damn)

Hair: medium length, solid black

Eyes: black

Appearance: his clothes vary on occasion, but are all black. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder, about the size of his splayed hands (shown below). He has an unnaturally long tongue (I imagine somewhere between four and six feet, but can retract to normal human size)

Weapon: an 8-round revolver pistol, named " HELL ," all black with highlights of red, seems to bleed when cut or bumped/ The Shadows.

Personality: complicated (I hope the quotes can give you a bit of insight)

Likes: coffee, alcohol, the Darkness, black EDGE, being the creepy little fuck that he is

Dislikes: not much

Bio: no one knows who or what he exactly is, or at least you won't know until you're Dead.

Other: can switch between normal human appearance to something a bit more Demonic. When in this form, he likes to go by "Banahogg" instead of Nidhogg.



Name: Lucy

Nicknames: "Orchid"


" giggles "

"Oh, Hello there!"

"What's wrong?"

Gender: female

Species: Succubus (but she doesn't know that so shhhhhhhh)

Age: 13

Height: 5'2"

Weight: ???, but is very skinny, almost frail.

Skin: white, no scars

Hair: long, blonde

Appearance: usually wears multicolor dresses, boots, and leggings. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder, about the size of her splayed hand (shown below)

Weapon: none yet

Personality: shy, but opens up when she gets to know you (specifically around you-know-who COUGH +Captain Energon COUGH COUGH), nice, caring, a little sarcastic and sassy.

Likes: books, colors, exploring, either alone or with friends OR MAYBE YOU-KNOW-WHO COUGH +Captain Energon COUGH COUGH

Dislikes: Darkness, hatred, alcohol

Bio: she's just a girl that wandered here... She looks weak... Will you help her, or is she gonna be an easy target?

Other: whilst not knowing she is one, she is still a Succubus, and her powers can activate subconsciously (though they are a bit mild at this point in time).

(NOTE: none of this art is mine, I just simply edited it for purpose and clarity)
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"The term ssslow clap comes to mind."
Name: Nuru
Gender: Female
Species: Floran
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Skin: Pale Green, with small cuts all over.
Hair: Bright purple, seemingly made of leaves.
Appearance: [Pictures]
Weapon: Nuru's prized spear.
Personality: Bold, Thoughtful and kind.
Likes: Hunting, Dancing, Playing pranks, Eating meat
Dislikes: Fire, vegetables, being bored or hungry
Bio: Nuru attempts not to speak in a Floran accent, yet sometimes she can not stop it. Nuru says that she is 17 summers old, and that she sees more than hunting all the time. She says that her father taught her that not all life must be killed, teachings most Florans do not learn because of their tribal and aggressive culture.

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Time to show my new and improved AU ZIm. I suppose this community is sort of an, "Do whatever you want" sort of thing :V

"Fate is fickle, I should know for she is my mistress."
"I could give you an second chance, or I could not. Decisions, decisions, decisions..."
"You can change your destiny but the question is, would I allow it?"

Name: Zim
Nicknames: The God of Doom, Zoros, Decider of Destiny
Gender: Male
Species: Irken/Devil hybrid
Age: Immortal(looks like a teenager)
Height: 7ft 9in
Weight: 130lbs
Skin: Green(pale white as human)
Hair: None(Black as human)
Appearance: He now has black markings around his eyes, medium sized devil horns and an pentagram on his forehead. The rest is how he appears on the picture.
Weapon: None unless you count his demonic abilities.
Personality: Cynical, sociopath, psychopath, sadistic, caring(only towards his family/allies), crude, calm
Likes: His adopted family, his allies, chaos, destruction, snacks, sweets, music, video games
Dislikes: Those who mess with his adopted family, humanity, the list kinda goes on
Back when Zim was a kid(least in irken years)he did his usual routine to contact the Tallest to do his daily report. However he didn't expect Tallest Purple to lose his temper, yelling at his cohort Tallest Red about how he's sick of playing nice with Zim after all these years and saying bluntly on him not wanting to deal with the "Defect" anymore. Instead of calming down his friend, Red actually agreed and basically said in front of the other Irken's face on how the "mission" was a lie in order to get rid of him in hopes that he'll be dead by now. They've basically answered his past calls in order to humor Zim(but mostly themselves)though they were getting sick of it. Before Zim could say anything, Red terminated the Irken's Invader status and said that he doesn't care what happens to him as long as he doesn't contact them again then terminates the call. Feeling absolutely destroyed, Zim decided to close himself off to the world to live in his exile....

Six years have passed and during these years the exiled alien wasn't just lounging around, in fact he was doing intense, non-stop training in order to improve himself. He didn't take any breaks, not even sleeping(not that he needed any)or even eating, he pushed himself to the very limit and even when he was at his limit he pushed himself even further. He was determined to prove that he wasn't a defect, despite the words from the Tallest that had echoed in his mind throughout all the years of solitude. However all this stress and non-stop training had put a toll on Zim's mental state, causing him to become even more psychotic than he was before.

One day an unexpected "guest" arrived at the Irken's home, they were surprised to see the terrible state the house was in as it looked like a tornado had went through it twice. They've found GIR wearing his little dog suit and asked him where Zim was, the disguised robot happily lead the person to where the alien is which was at his "secret" underground lair. Once they've arrived they saw crudely written words in all capital letters on the walls of the lair, the words "DEFECT" and "FAILURE" were repeated over and over. Some of them even looked more crude as a sign of the alien's deteriorating mental state. This didn't make the person turn tale and run, in fact they've ventured more into the lair, then they heard sounds of gunfire and went to the source. They've peaked around the corner to see Zim practicing his marksman skill, they've silently watched the alien shooting at targets with incredible deadly accuracy. After a minute passed they've revealed themselves simply and calmly saying, "Nice shot." The alien quickly looked at them and before the person could say or even do anything the alien had already pinned them to the floor with an blaster to the face. They stared right back at the Irken's face eyes widen in shock on how incredibly fast Zim was, as they started into the Irken's eyes they could tell that....he wasn't really himself anymore. He'd gotten much taller though what hit them the most were the alien's glowing ruby eyes.... His eyes looked cold and lifeless, they could tell the Irken had became absolutely deranged over the years.

After five minutes the person snapped out of it before yelling at the alien, "GET OFF ME, YOU WEIRDO!" The Irken's eyes widen slightly from hearing the familiar sound of their voice. He took a moment to look at them, they looked the same though is slightly different being a little older and taller though nowhere near as tall as himself before saying softly said, "....Gaz?" Gaz then simply yet roughly pushed the alien off of her as she'll get up from the floor. Zim simply gotten himself up and said in an icy tone, "What are you doing here?" "No one has seen you in six years, not even my crazy brother. I came here to check on you to see if you were dead." "Well clearly I'm not. So you can go now." The alien really didn't felt like talking to the Dib-Stink's sister nor anyone else, he just wanted to continue his training in solitude. However Gaz wasn't really having any of the alien's backtalk and decided to give him a mean left hook to the face, causing the alien to back away slightly his cheek. "OW! What's WITH you, Earth Female!?" "What's with YOU?" He scoffs as he'll look to the side saying softly, "Why do you care..." She'll have a faint blush before shaking it off saying, "I don't. I'm only checking up on you just so my brother would shut up. He wouldn't stop rambling about how you were making some sort of machine to destroy Earth or some stupid crap like that." "Well...I'm obviously not doing that, am I? And if you don't care about me, just go." Gaz could sense the hint of sadness behind Zim's voice, she let out an soft sigh before saying softly, "What's happened to you, Zim?" He glared at her, his eyes glowing again as he'll walk towards her. "What's wrong with me... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME YOU'VE ASKED!?" Gaz actually felt a slight moment of fear though she doesn't back away when Zim was practically right at her face. "FOR WHAT FELT LIKE CENTURIES ON THIS MISERABLE MUD BALL, I HAVE FOUND OUT THAT MY WHOLE MISSION WAS A LIE! ALL THOSE YEARS WASTED FOR TRYING TO PLEASE THE TALLEST WHEN THEY'VE NEVER GAVE AN SINGLE, SOLITARY FUCK ABOUT ZIM!!!! THEY'VE LIED TO ME FOR YEARS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE THEN THEY'VE FINALLY TOLD ME THAT I WAS A DEFECT! A FAILURE! I WAS NOTHING MORE THAN A JOKE TO THEM! THEY ONLY WANTED TO GET RID OF ME, HOPING I WOULDN'T HAVE NEVER FOUND THIS PATHETIC PLANET AND THAT I WOULD HAVE DIED TRYING!!!!

He was breathing heavy while glaring into Gaz's eyes, she felt like they were piercing through her soul with their spastic gaze, he then started to laugh like a maniac before he started thrashing about in an wild frenzy. During his psychotic rage he'll be laughing while yelling, "MY LIFE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT LIES!!!! HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!! He'll continue his wild rampage breaking nearly everything in sight before he stops and falls to his knees leaning slightly backwards, Zim would place his left hand on his head while staring up at the ceiling chuckling softly to himself while having an manic smile. "My life....has been nothing...but lies....", he'll say softly. Gaz didn't know what to do, her eyes were widen in shock from the Irken's earlier psychotic rampage, however she couldn't help but feel sorry towards him as she'll walk to where he is and placed an hand on his shoulder. Zim frowned and simply look up at Gaz softly, she saw an single tear ran down his cheek. That's when Gaz had done something which surprised him: She hugged the Irken tightly as if she didn't want to let him go. His eyes widen his body feeling frozen from such an action of comfort, especially since such an action is from Gaz. He then hugged her in return as he'll hear Gaz say softly, "I'm sorry, Zim." Those words were so simple, but towards the Irken it meant everything to him as he'll hug her tightly not wanting to let her go as well.

Nearly a month has passed since Zim and Gaz have been best friends, though the alien wanted to be more than just friends towards the human female. He then asked her out and much to his delight(and surprise)Gaz agreed, causing the two to become an official couple.

Zim then heard about an place where it seemed to have harbored villains form all over, as some sort of club. Despite his Invader status being provoked, he still thought of himself as a villain and decided to visit the place and hopefully become an member. Once there he instantly became friends with almost all of the villains there, however he was surprised to see someone who he had only heard tales of from humans: Satan. He talked with the Lord of Darkness, who had introduced himself as Negalafew or simply Nega, and when Zim finished telling his story Nega surprised the Irken by saying how him and Zim were quite alike. He even offered Zim to help him gain revenge upon the Tallest, Zim gave a wicked smile as he agreed to the deal. Once the two had arrived on planet Irk they've instantly started their invasion, killing off nearly all Irkens that tried to stop them, some had ran away. Zim had managed to get his revenge on Tallest Red and Purple by killing the two of them in cold blood, being amazed by Zim's actions Nega offered yet something else towards the Irken asking him if he would like to be a part of his family. Zim was stunned from hearing upon such an offer and without haste he agreed, that's when Nega shared 1/4th of his blood with the Irken making him become officially a part of his family despite the alien only being his adopted son.

Now Zim possess the powers of Satan though he isn't even close to matching in power with nor does he have all of the abilities of his adopted father, but he has shown to make due what power/abilities he has. After training with his abilities Zim has earned demi-god and semi-omnipotence status, despite his self proclaimed title as God of Doom. Even though he can basically obliterate anyone with ease, he chooses to toy with his enemies or simply uses his powers for his own desires proclaiming that, "It isn't fun when toys breaks too soon."

Zim is still deranged and a borderline psychopath but he does care deeply towards his girlfriend, Gaz, and his adopted family. He'll do whatever it takes to protect them both, even if it means sacrificing his own life.

Months later Zim's relationship with his girlfriend has gotten rocky to the point where she suddenly disappeared on an sour note with the Irken/Demon hybbrid. Due to this he started feeling cold and reserved even going on an rampage to vent out his frustration, that is when the real God of Doom Moros appeared and stopped Zim's rampage. He insulted the Irken hybrid by saying how he had stolen his title and is tainting it, the already angered Irken became even more angry and engaged Moros in combat. However the God of Doom was too powerful and easily defeated Zim, leaving the shamed Irken mortally wounded.

Zim wasn't going to take such an defeat lying down and went back to doing his intensive training, he trained non-stop for at least half an year before challenging Moros to a rematch. The God of Doom chuckled and mocked Zim at such a challenging though he accepted and started fighting the hybrid. Much to Moros' surprise Zim was evenly matched in power with him but he wasn't going to let that get to him as this time the fight was to the death. Zim countered some of Moros' attacks but not all, causing Moros to leave the Irken with some reminders. The fight lasted for what felt like months or perhaps a year when Moros managed to stabbed Zim through the shoulder and pinning him against the stone walls of his home which in turn disarmed the hybrid alien. Before Moros could deliver the final blow towards the now servery weaken demi-God, Zim had managed to muster up the his remaining strength using his shadow powers to disappear within the shadows, confusing and angering the God of Doom. The alien hybrid reappeared behind him and with all of his strength he punches through Moros' chest taking a grip at his heart before crushing it like a grapefruit. Moros began coughing violently while vomiting blood in the process as he falls to his knees, that's when Zim kicked him in the head knocking him to the ground then proceeds to take the God of Doom's sword chopping Moros' head off with it. After killing the God of Doom all of his power went into Zim, causing the Irken to not be an demi-God anymore but a full fledged one.

Zim is now the new and official God of Doom, being nigh-omnipotent and also omnipresent.

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I've noticed that I've been modded.
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Name: Peter Demetrius Bentley
Nicknames: Pete, Petey
"I don't think you know who you're dealing with..."

"Look, I'm not just a kid...I have SOME defining qualities..."

"People like you deserve to be miserable."

Gender: Male
Species: Demigod. To be more specific, his mother was the child of Hephaestus and Aphrodite. His father was the one and only Kylun, God of Death.
Age: 13-ish
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 100 lbs
Skin: White
Hair: Dyed black, between medium and long lengths, fuzzy when washed
Appearance: Skinny, a little pale. He has brown eyes and is mostly seen wearing his headphones. He wears shorts or jeans, and he wears a variety of shirts, but is usually wearing his red jacket-thing over them. Peter has a tattoo on his chest over his heart, put there by +Nidhogg The Black Dragon. It looks just like Lucy's and Nidhogg's.
Weapon: The abilities he inherited from his parents (Slight death control, slight control over envious feelings, good with his hands, is considered to be attractive to people), also his pokemon
Personality: Shy, quiet, only open around people he trusts
Likes: Reading, being alone, hanging out with Lucy (+Nidhogg The Black Dragon), listening to music, Pokemon
Dislikes: Being around large groups of people, being grounded, boredom
Bio: He's the one and only son of Kylun, God of Death, and a minor greek goddess. Peter's had a relatively normal life, but since his father is too busy with secret stuff, Peter lives with Lucy (+Nidhogg The Black Dragon if that's okay with you ). Peter doesn't know much about his major abilities, but he does know that he has them. Peter takes after his father, but does not aspire to be just like him.
Other Stuff: Peter's a bit of a tech genius, but he doesn't like to talk about that. Peter's pokemon team is: Nidoqueen, Aegislash, Houndoom, Azumarill, Garchomp, and Hawlucha.

Wisp the sentient robot walks through the marsh, his metal feet sloshing and squishing through the water and muck. He is wearing a sky blue shirt and jeans that are torn up all down the front.
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