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The numbers by their names are their subject numbers in the lab
if you want any additional info ask

*German Shepherd: “Hank” 25981: - * Lost front left leg in tests. Personality- leader, army-style

Orange Tabby: “Kraw” 33045: Right eye/ear gone replaced by metal/wires. Personality Sassy, rude to others, gets under others skin. somber and/or crazy after sprinkler incident

Monkey: “Randall” 47362: 2-3 fingers missing, scars everywhere. Personality Creepy, clever, intimidating.

Bat: “Chamille” 50285: Right wing shredded/scarred. Personality Sad, keeps to self.

Squirrel: “Max” 67980: Normal, fresh tag on ear like everyone else. Personality Paranoid, talks fast.

White Mouse/Rat: “Sage” 18094: Extra tail and ear. Personality Smart, snobby, still cares about others tho.

Setting- lab, 2-story building, only 4-5 windows, white af, edge of small town w/ forest to get subjects.

Heres another story, this time, it's a SAO fanfic, please tell me if you'd like me to continue this, or my other story.

|| 2022 ||

The blonde has shifted herself into a comfortable position, and she took a deep breath. Her blue glaze flickered with multiple emotions. She clenched her fists, and forced her eyes closed. One minute. She had one minute until she'd be brought into the virtual world. One minute that would pass.

"Link start."

Multiple streaks of colour flashed ahead of her, and the young girl felt frozen in place as the vibrant streaks flew past her. More streaks appeared, and the young girl struggled to stay in focus. After what felt like decades, the name 'Sword art online' appeared.

Soon, the screen to create her avatar appeared, and she eagerly entered her name as 'Historia,' the name of her favourite character from a manga series, and she created he avatar to have some similarities to her. A taller, blonde female with gentle skin, and green eyes. She stated admirably at her avatar.

The next thing she knew, she was in a busy town, surrounded by other players. Her first instinct was to start a party, or meet another player. However, seeing a boy run off, one who was most likely a beta player, made her wonder.

She didn't know what her best decision would be, so she hesitantly walked away from where she had spawned in. She could hear other players talk, and multiple people ran around. Conversations about parties, friends, groups, it was all she could hear.

She shrugged, her gaze softening. She glanced around, stepping forwards. Her gaze drifted from player to player, and it was like everything froze. They all were black and white, and in slow motion.

Everyone looked excited, some laughed, some were running forwards. She shrugged. She didn't need a party right away, so she hastily ignored the feeling she had.

It was in that moment that she was lost in thought, that an older looking female had ran into her, sweeping her off of he place. 'Historia' gasped, barely catching herself in time.

When she had looked up, her gaze landed on the redhead with fierce green eyes.


It was the player who spoke, and her name was revealed as Aisaki.

Historia nodded slightly, her eyes locked on the other player, who had reached out her hand, offering it to Historia. Historia had nodded, and hesitantly took it.

"I'm Aisaki, really sorry about that."

The girl had spoke with such a gentle tone, Historia couldn't help but to smile. She blinked twice, before replying herself.

"Historia, nice to meet you... And it's fine."

The girl smiled.


She had skipped forwards. Something about her comforted Historia. This girl, she seemed different than every other player.

"So, this may seem sudden, but I don't have a party.... So, do you want to make one with me?"

She had asked, shocking Historia. Historia nodded, and Aisaki didn't hesitate to open her screen, and send out an invite.


What time was it? Probably 5:30, and they had all been teleported back to where they started. Historia could sense the uneasiness, and she looked around. She had been thankful to have Aisaki by her side.

"What's going on?"

An older boy beside her had spoken, and she hesitantly looked over. She shrugged, indicating she had no clue, but she also indicated that they'd find out, and pointed to the hooded player.

"Attention, players.
I welcome you to my world"

His voice startled Historia, and she could feel Aisaki's uneasiness. She glanced over at Aisaki, who was captivated by the hooded figure.

"My name is Akihiko Kayaba.
And as of this moment, I am in control of this world"

Murmurs echoed through the crowd, and she watched as players began to shout out accusations, some yelling that there was a glitch.

"I'm sure most of you have already noticed an item missing from your main menus -- the log out button.
Let me assure you, this is not a defect in the game.
I repeat, this is not a defect.
This is how "Sword Art Online" was designed to be."

The crowd grew quiet, and to her horror, she opened her own menu, which revealed that her task bar was indeed missing.

"The hell?"

Historia narrowed her eyes, and could only hope that this was a glitch. But his last words. No, they seemed wrong. She shook her head, biting her lip nervously.

"You cannot log yourselves out of SAO, and no one from the outside will be able to shut down or remove the "NerveGear" from your head.
If anyone attempts to do so, a transmitter inside the NerveGear will discharge a microwave signal into your skull, destroying your brain and ending your life"

As he went on, telling what would be 10, 000 players the dreadful truth. She turned to Aisaki, who was shaking slightly.

Historia shook her head. It was a nightmare, it had to be. She clenched her fists, the world around her darkening. It was a dream, right? It had to be.

No one posts, so Imma post part of the first chapter from a short story of mine.

|| December 1st ||

It's winter, one could feel it in the air. Her footsteps echoed through the auditorium as she gracefully walked across the stage. She'd stare straight ahead, and there'd be a slight smile on her face.

If she were nervous, no one would be able to tell. She'd managed to keep her shaking to a minimum, and she'd keep her head held up high. Yet, even though she appeared courageous, she was shaking internally.

She suddenly turned to face the audience, standing on the x. She had her violin in hand, and she smiled softly, then proceeded to bow. She had been wearing a loose white dress, which complemented her blonde hair and thin frame.

There was a single moment of silence, and she closed her eyes.

When was the last time... I played?

She stood up straight, her gaze thickening. She opened her eyes, but was no longer surrounded by the audience, but was reliving a memory of hers.


She looked around, her gaze landing on the thin woman. She was sitting up straight on her bed, her hair went down to her shoulders, and her her skin was a greyish tone.

The young violinist stepped forwards, her gaze softening at the sight. There was nothing but silence, as she looked at the frail woman before her. The room was white, and smelt of death. Oh she hated it.

"Aunt Maria?"

She had asked, and stepped forwards, a tears broke free, and was followed by an unbroken stream. She looked at the ground, clenching her fists. She shook slightly and struggled to step forwards.

"I uh... Placed second."

She was unable to make eye contact with her aunt, and she held back a sob. She shakingly brushed her hair out of her face, and looked back up.


It was her aunt who spoke, which snapped the girl out of her tearful state. All she could think was, 'How long had it been since you spoke?'.

Her aunt smiled softly, looking at her ten year old niece.



She stared at the audience, and raised the bow. She nodded the slightest bit, before beginning what would be the hardest song of her life.

Sorry it's terrible.

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(This is my assassin creed story with my o.c's so don't steal them please)

chapter 1

I lay down on my bed in my I hear my friend yelled for my name Athena training is in next hour I sigh and say okay give me a five minutes I be ready I dress in my apprentice assassin robes and walk out my room seeing four of my friends Keith Harper Marcus Jasper I say hey guys Marcus look at me and smile hello Harper hugs me you are going to love today training Athena I just little out a small chuckle yeah what is the training today keith and Jasper and Marcus trys not to laugh Harper smile we are going to fight each other mentors today with hidden blades is that awesome I frown a little and Jasmine felt bad sorry your uncle died he was best mentor to you was he I just walk off Keith I go talk to her keith follow me outside it was cloudy he saw me I watch the most skilled assassins training I whisper to myself you would had made a great assassin uncle I see keith he ask me um are you going to be okay with your new mentor ? I got mad a little I say yeah I know your lying I got even more angry I yelled at him I say yeah ! keith was quiet he walk back to my friend I just walked to my room I see my mentor and went to go to talk to her were in a small field I saw jasper training with his mentor he was good I saw Harper doing some push ups and keith running some laps and Marcus doing some hand to hand combat the 3rd assassin I command ask our mentor to switch apprentice and fight I got keith mentor Aklea I was up first so I got ready to fight

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I left a while ago lol I'm back

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So I got bored and decided to write one shots what im I doing with my life? so check it out and make a request

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