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Our new information page just went live yesterday. This is part of a major remodeling of our website which we've been rolling out in phases.

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Do you treat your car like more than an engine and your ride? It’s what connects you to family, friends and the life you want to live.
That's why auto insurance from A Advantage Insurance is here for you because you might not find other places what we offer for your car! For more information call for a quote: 770-949-6112 or visit: ‪#‎savings‬ ‪#‎auto‬ ‪#‎insurance‬ 

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Best travel quote ever. ‪#‎quotes‬ ‪#‎savings‬ ‪#‎casualty‬ ‪#‎insurance‬

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Interested in BNI? Check out this article!  Interested in learning more locally in Georgia and North Carolina?  Contact Sandi Edwards at 678.888.0200, ext. 707

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The 'it' Social network invites you to the pre launch Beta Test of the FREE social network that connects ecommerce shopping with a fantastic picture rich social network. Welcome to the revolution.
Full Public Launch June 29th
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Hello all,

I come bearing business news that is taking over the internet.
My pals and I from the Legends Table.. ( mastermind group )
Are spreading this news... a few Legends are literally giving
away the keys to their castles.
Add me and read all about it.
See this link for more details.
I wanted to make sure you all saw it.

Happy Spring.


P.S.  I will drop a hint .. tens of thousands in bonuses
for smart business persons to be had.
If you want to know more detail.. feel free to contact
me in the office anytime.

Tina Schraier
980 819 9301

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Register for FREE on Link below, play with our Fantastic product for FREE on the FREE download once Registered. Then attend the LIVE EVENT mentioned in the picture below. Oh and did I can do this all for FREE. Any question just knock me up

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This is so cool! If you have kids, please check out Business can change the world for the better!
This is a great BNI Foundation initiative. 

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