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Yuri or futa is available so as straight(for those who don't completely understand)
Be descriptive of 4+ lines
No mentioning my name over and over, no +1 my comments over and over both will cause the post not load what you said.

Some people look at me as a prostitute or slut but really I like wearing the clothes I wear to keep cool in hot warm days in our city themed as ancient Japan

I was nick named the viper due to my blade having the snake architecture and my "feline-esk" movements with my attacks...

It was a hot summer day and I was laying on a roof of a house relaxing and basking under the sun in my bootyshorts, bikini, fishnets and boots and you saw me and decided to wonder up behind me

I then sat up and pulls out a can of beer and opens it and sips it and then you.....
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Any girl want to rp as one of these pic I'll be a male
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(Female Needed,)

You were a small, cute, yet feisty. You were a succubus that had grown attached to a human you have been terrorizing. I did not know of this at all, only knowing your small appearance and your ability to devastate my home. You had and often shatter mirrors before you arrive and break any camera without being seen. As if it was a dear or rule of your kind. Following you tended to scurry around my home and when you first began to haunt me you attempted to kill me by "accidents". Miraculously I survived three years to the point that you just tried to scare the living shit out of me

Tonight however you had came to haunt me during...complications...I had been...well...ejaculating. You knew this however and yet you decided to invade my room. I had just started and my clithes were halfway across the room. My mirrors shattering I knew you were coming. Desperately I yanked the blankets over my body. You came from underneath my bed, giggling. As you tried reaching up to my bed. You were not able to so you had to jump up, you barely grabbed it and continued laughing. Hoping up onto my lap, your small tail grazing where my bulge was before you had said to me...
"Horny there big guy?"
giggling still, you then started to fall onto your back. You barely covered my lap with your small body, you then...

Hey may ask a or any mod if I can promote an rp community here? Or is it restricted if it is I won't promote it here

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To those who love RWBY or love to rp RWBY hentai or non sexual rp's in various other communities or on here go ahead and join and join the huntsmen & Huntress's that keeps the world of Remnant safe from grim and badguys or be a villain or villainess or a white fang member that are hell-bent to take over the world of Remnant with the most secretive and powerful antagonist, Salem!!

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you were my very horny sister and i was your brother over the years you started to grow feelings for me. One day when our parent's were gone u decided to show me just how much u want me you came into my room with only your bra and pantes on but i was asleep so you sit on my lap and...
( Dominant female needed)
(Pp or hangouts, just let me know which one in the comments)
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Is there a reason why my post 3 weeks ago isn't showing up here in this community even though its showing up on my profile

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Does any girl want to do a rp as chara and I'm a new fallen human (in this chara won't want to kill everyone)

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Is this community dead or what
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