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Hello guys and gals. As you can see, me and +Drean Delham​ wanted to start a Daycare. Just listen to the rules and you'll be fine.


1. No Bullying
2. No spam
3. Profile Required
4. Nothing 18+


Age: (8 is max)
Other stuff:
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Name: Ruby
Age: 5
Race: Fire demi-godess
Aperance is in picture
Other stuff: Dont touch her bare skin it can and will burn you she hates water and loves to play games.

Name: Flower
Fur: Dark brown with a white tail
Rank: Loner
Right eye: Green
Left eye: Gray (shes blind in one eye)
Gender: She-Cat
Age: 3 moons

(Ill get a pic soon)

Name: Samantha wolfensin Nickname:sam, samwolf and Wolfy
Eyes: Violet
Race: werewolf has her ears and tail out
What she has on:a white sweater with a outline of a black black haert the sleeves are to long for her that it pastes her hands with shorts
Likes:sweets nice people video games music to play. likes some jokes purple shiny stuff bugs but the flying ones scary stuff
Hates:mean people to be picked on bugs that fly bullies
Keep it mind: tends to somehow find glitter and makes a mess now and then and sometimes has her tounge sticking out for a while

Chara and Frisk eat monster candy while Miku and Luka are playing with a paper airplane

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Maki Atsuki (young)

age 7


Kitsune breed

Appears black haired, toddler like size. sun tanned. Has a discolored magic eye. left eye is a darkened green and shines at low light.

Wears a casual outfit like pants and a hoodie. sometimes wears kimonos

personality:Very energetic and eager to move. innocent as he was young. he has a good sense of justice and is currently learning arcane arts. VERY acrobatic. he specializes in shadowy illusionary magic due to his kitsune form. he has just learned about Soul Fire, a different form of power, and most difficult to master. he weilds a peacock leaf: a sturdy giant leaf (like korok leaf in zelda) which he adores for its prized wind power. Early on, he was abandoned from Dyversa, his home planet due to intergalactic war with aliens unknown. they feared Dyversa. (i will build upon it later)

extra trivia: at around 8-9 he learns to create friction using wind powers to cause what he calls 'Static Lightning'. At the same time he learns swirling his wind fast enough around him makes atime anomaly, allowing him to rewind to stop time, though very rigourous. (its like mach 70 on a thin gust of wind)

looks similar to this pic (im still working on drawing mine) 

also +The Ice Wave​​​​ tag 

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I have some new toddlers for this rp
Names: Frisk and Chara
Ages: same age but it's unknown... not even they know their age
Race: Human
Appearance: both have brown, short hair with bangs. Chara has red eyes and Frisk has brown eyes but they aren't seen much...
Other stuff: Don't make Chara mad. Chara has a very creepy look that can get other kids crying... also Chara likes the idea of murder... Frisk is usually silent unless bored or lonely... or given a phone or toys

Only picture i had that wasn't a screenshot or has them separately

zzz. zzzz.... z.

(For anyone cool with rp wake me up)

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R ponys aloud? If so here it tis:


Gender: Female,

Age: 4,

type: Pony,

type (of pony): Pegasus,


Running: 6/10,

Jumping: 8/10,

Flying: 9/10,

Swimming: 4/10,

Personalty: Nice, determined, can b mean

Birthday: Oct, 25th

(( Only pic I could find of her sorry ))

Alright, I think I will give this RP community a shot. Here is the character I will RP as.

Name: Crystal [[Other Nicknames: Crys]]

Age: 6-7

Gender: Female

Race: Hybrid [[Human appearance, monster magic]]

Personality: Full of energy most of the time, can be stubborn from time to time, Can be protective when needed, or over-protective when not really needed. Crystal is pretty talkative. She holds a lot of patience, and is very nice and polite, but she can lie from time to time. Loves to draw, even though she is not really a decent artist yet. Has a huge love for video games and everything related to electronics. Crystal also loves acting, and likes to represent different plays on her own style from time to time, always showing it before her family. She still doesn't have the courage to say the acting lines in front of anyone else though, thus making her have stage fright. She cannot sing well, and she doesn't really like to, to be honest. She only used to like singing when she was younger, until she gave up on it.

Appearance: God, she sure has a love for the color cyan, and other shades of blue. She is usually shown to wear a small, cyan hoodie, with a white t-shirt underneath it, completing it with blue jeans, and white shoes, with blue stars on them. Crystal thinks cyan and white are perfect colors to match with each other. She has long, straight light brown hair, and green emerald eyes.
((I don't have a photo of her, is that okay?))

Other stuff: She has a younger brother named Mario, who she really loves and wants to always protect. Their difference of age is 4 years. Mario is a human, a normal one, not a hybrid, like his sister. She lives happily with her father and mother on the surface. Her father is a human, and has a SOUL of perseverance, meanwhile her mother is a part of the Monster Kingdom's Royal Guard, since she is a skeleton monster. This explains her being appeared to others as a human, meanwhile having monster blue magic, and a different SOUL from a normal human's SOUL. ((The soul may be explained in a RP))
She holds magic, but has not mastered it yet, as she can only summon slow, small bone attacks. She likes to think she is improving everyday though.
Her parents put her to this Daycare since something happened, causing the mother and father to work overtime, and not have time to take care of a toddler at daytime.
They put Mario in another Daycare, making Crystal a bit frustrated that she wasn't at the same Daycare as her brother. (( because why not let's just say they did I'm too lazy to make a post about Mario too.))
She currently hasn't any best friends yet.
Other information can be found in RP.

[[This character is inspired AND follows the UNDERTALE Franchise, making it an UNDERTALE OC. This is not her original information, since I had to remove and add a few stuff from the original description, to make her little. For example, Crystal's original age is 22, the war happened when she was 12-13, and she is pretty lazy at 22 years of age. The war between humans and monsters made her change her personality slightly, making her not as energetic as before, and a lot of other stuff which I am too lazy to explain. So, is it good?]]
Just tagging Ice here bc why not.
Hello buddy. +The Ice Wave
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