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Hello Android Mobile Fans and Tech enthusiasts,

Did you know that our highly popular Organizer (EZ Notes) has just been awarded our 5th Technology Recognition Review (by Technofare)?

There are many reasons for our high popularity and increasing growth rate ! That's because with EZ Notes, we not only wanted to deliver you a feature rich and customized Mobility App, but one that would actually be Practical and Useful. With great wisdom and hindsight from using prior Note Taking Apps, and by researching and listening to what people said mattered most to them in their daily lives and for their smartphone investment, EZ Notes was born to tackle the Giants pre-existing "Top" rated Apps of the past.

So Instead of focusing on pre-installing our App on lots of devices as the Giants do to monopolize and dominate the markets, we focused on rethinking and re-designing alternative EZ ways of making your lives more portable, and productive. This means a gradual and judicious development process for EZ Notes, combined with great feedback and suggestions, have helped us make the most Practical and useful Organizer on the market. Throughout the development of EZ Notes, I have also always ensured that I would test my software for stability and security by using "DCentral 1" by John McAfee. I am proud to say that EZ Notes is not only the most privacy oriented by most stable and non-intrusive (least permissions asking) type of App.

Most importantly, because I had observed that Mainstream Organizers are getting too cumbersome for daily mobility and typical use, and were also way too overbloated and inefficient (acting more like Giant Multi-Media Storage Facilities)... I realized there is a huge opportunity to right all the wrongs, and make your life EZ again :)

We greatly appreciate all our fans and thank you so much for the awesome Feedback and Comments on my play store to help our App become more visibile and benefit others. Whether it is Voice Notes you love, S-Pen Support you need for sketching, Folders to better organize, To-Do lists for shopping, and many other customized features and virtues we offer you, we sincerely appreciate your help and support for our technology and I am personally honored to be helping so many countless people boost their Mobility and Efficiency.

Link to the Lite (Free) version of EZ Notes:

Link to the Pro version of EZ Notes:

Technofare Review Award:

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Madani
Developer of: EZ Notes - Fast Organizer

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Hello to everybody. I d like to remind you that this community is created to help developers to have feedback from other indie developers. Therefore don t hesitate to ask for help or feedback for your app.

Do feedback and get feedback. :)

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As +Alex M mentioned without friends and supporters it is very difficult to succeed and as an indie developer does not have the ability to spend much money for promotion he should have other chances to promote.

This is the main purpose of the community and we are so happy that a cooperative and very nice person like +Alex M joined our community.

We ll be here to help each other and make o good friendship.

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Hello, this is one of my apps

If you like it, download, rate and review it

+cristoforos paidas   Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful community.   And i am really grateful you created such a community to help us developers promote our Apps.

I hope to see your awesome community Grow  :)

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Madani
developer of  "EZ Notes - Instant Voice Notes"
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