hey have a random question
so what's your OCs favorite songs?

lol here's mine for some reason
Ryouko: A very specific piano and cello rendition of A Thousand Years
Emmeline: Au Clair de la Lune
Aristide: Moonlight Sonata or Reverie
Moriko: Some edgy metal shit
Hibiki: How do you expect them to decide????
Maemi: All Star (YES, THAT ONE)
Danrelle: At the Ivy Gate
Itsuki: He doesn't know
Ryouichi: Paradise
Estelle: Doesn't even listen to music

fun facts about my OCs: talentswap au version because why the hell not

AU Aristide wears a cape and he's honestly just a tol dork

AU Emmeline considers her hair a source of pride: She finds it hilarious that no one's been able to cut it in a fight or something

AU Ryouko has a million sweaters

AU Estelle is actually not a bitch

AU Ryouichi is even more pure than his regular counterpart, which is saying something

Because talentswap personality things are fun

Talentswap Em would be the SHSL/Ultimate Blackmailer. After being abandoned by her parents, instead of resorting to prostitution, she decided on another branch in the criminal industry: Drugs. Selling drugs and other illegal substances around the city gave her access to things in the criminal ring that others couldn't access. She realized how much potential she had. Why not blackmail these people?

So therefore, she just... did. Using her newfound banks of information and money, she tracked down her parents and murdered them, dropping off her newborn sister at a decent orphanage.

Talentswap Em is a hell of a lot more bitter and jaded, showing hardly any remorse and putting her business above all. Unlike Ryouko, who used both charm and fear, Em relied solely on fear and bribery and maybe just a few dirty favors to keep mouths shut and money flowing.

If anything she probably enjoys being a blackmailer more than Ryouko, solely because she's still a sadistic shit that gets to hurt and torture peopel when things go wrong. Ouch.

Basically, this Em in this AU is just Estelle but more stabby and salty.

When I was listening to several songs of
Heathers, I couldn't help but think of Yurika.

I drew a 3/4 view of Yurika and it makes me
distraught because it makes me think of her as an older sister who will one day execute Plan X.

I was planning to make Naomi a normal child, but then it suddenly changed into 'preachy teachings of deforestation and relations to indigenous people in the past and I was raised by apes and animals love my ass'

Mizuno's backstory is 'gears and cogs and I go to museums a lot.'
Tsutomu and Mizuno should hang out sometime.

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Strap in, boys and girls.
I'm just making a venting post about art.

I made this sticky note in class so I might as well just take a picture of it.
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Randomo facts.

- Yurika actually likes money.
Wouldn't take a bribery, but she makes sure to save as much money as she can.

Yurika also has the tendency to swear if she is anxious. Just to herself.

- Naomi knows how to free herself from handcuffs. Naomi is also rather rich as she farms truffles.

- Kuroshi has spent her free time in Naomi's home building a little hut made out of sticks. Kuroshi is also skilled with the art of stealing from lunch boxes.

- Kohaku has murdered a snake in front of Kuroshi. Now Kuroshi dares not to touch Kohaku with her beak. Kohaku's favourite past time is gnawing on sticks. He may take some of Kuroshi's leftover hut sticks and gnaw on them.

wooh stealing shit


-He has to use a hearing aid cause he was originally born deaf
-He is allergic to milk but he loves hot chocolate
-He lived in france for 12 years then was moved to canada
-My favourite: He would treat gary like a brother and Akira like a maiden
-He is really obsessed with time and watches for the fact that he was given a watch when he was born and when his second little brother was born... not in good condition he passed on a watch to him and counted every passing second in the hospitals

-The reason he is the shsl transfer student is due to alot of accidents involving him getting to different countries and schools. eg: He once held some balloons when he was five and floated off to brazil.
-The most notable things in his bags are: An entire bag of dried cement, two Tommy Guns, Over 23,000 pieces of lego, The original script for "national treasure" and many more things.
-He has a fear of the colour associated with the hex code: #381C45

-She despises being confused as a female with male genitals
-Her room at her family home is actually used as a games room as she sleeps in a small tent in the kitchen
-The airsoft sniper she uses is the custom Novritsch SSG24.

-his actual talent before graduating was the SHSL Gladiator.
-When he joined the Italian special forces he was often confused on why some of them didnt join him in speaking Latin....
-He has to act like a dick due to it being better than being calm only for flashbacks to kick in.
-If he has to use a gun it is an original Lee-Enfield

-It is unknown if she actually has emotions due to being genetically made and altered however it is thought that she can experience sadness, love and most likely lust.
-In the set out wardrobe given to her by her creator and "lover" Snek has a snake costume, a virgin killer, the cat based underwear and a maid's outfit + casual wear, her maker is a strange soul.

-Her three "true" personalities are: T.S.I, Lost Tsu and Sora. Sora is thought to be the personality of Tsu that developed from the horrible things which happened to her in a mental asylum, as Sora she acts like a doctor or nurse but instead of helping people does things that even T.S.I is disturbed about.
-She runs a drug cartel in mexico yet also fights against them due to different personalities.
-She is also in charge of a trading charter for goods in mexico to japan, mostly for gangs and etc but some for actual businesses.

Lily and Airaishi
-Airaishi once cracked her head open when she fell off a boat and smacked her head against the edge...
-Lily and Airaishi have two homes, one is with their adopted "father" Nick who they randomly showed up on his boat and the other is a custom survival cabin and bunker in the Aokigahara forest.
-Airaishi as a despair enjoys cannibalism, manipulates people in a strange way to despair and is often thought to be a completely different person.
-Airaishi's and Lily's hair are impossible to tame and while many souls have tried to keep them down none have managed to.
-Lily has a problem with obsessing over whoever seems to love her, she can go to the point of not only stalking them but to mimicking other possible female threats to take the person who loves her.
-Lily has an interest in people taller than her and is actually homosexual.

If I forgot an oc you want me to cover then just ask.

Im stealing this to thank you very much

Random facts or whatever


Madoka has a fraternal twin which she absoultely hates since he's so different from her which he's not evil or crazy he's just really laidback and chill and isn't the most expressive and just keeps a blank face most of the time it's not because he's depressed or cause he hates everything it's just how he sorta grew up which pisses off Madoka in so many ways along with his many other traits
Might use him in a future rp idk he's kinda different from like all my oc's

Miko still wants to become a magical girl to this day wanting to save the world from evil and make the world a better place as she still secretly cosplays how she imagines how a magical girl looks like and miko cosplays a lot


Itsuki loves anything sweet and hates anything salty or sour so if he doesn't eat anything sweet in like a couple days or a week he tends to start chewing on his sweater sleeve or his scarf and tends to lash out on people more

Kara is really good at doing make-up and he enjoys doing make up for people he just finds it really calming and enjoyable but he doesn't really put any on himself just on other people so if you ask for him to do make-up for you he'll totally do it


Kureiji is really into emo music and emo clothing but his personality isn't really emo or goth or anything like that so when people meet him they get all confused when they see this guy in all emo clothes but is super nice and friendly

I hope you don't mind me -S T E A L I N G T H I S.-

Bullshit facts for some of my OCs.

Some of Shin's favorite things mostly reminds him of his mother. His girlfriend, his sister, strawberries, etc.

Daisuke grew up watching Saturday Morning Cartoons. That includes that old Sonic show.

Nao is scarred for life actually really into the Alice in Wonderland aesthetic.

Ryuuka takes her tea with six teaspoons of sugar. She actually hates tea so she just fills it with sugar.

Tatsuya is nearsighted and he doesn't even know how to fix it. He thinks glasses are just a fashion choice.

Tsutomu is into disco and loves dance battles as well.

Hey shamelessly jumping onto a bandwagon nice

Random OC shit take it

Buma & Queue
- Buma first got Queue when she was really young, and when she got over her fear of him, they had surprisingly close sibling-like relationship.
- As Buma grew up, she became colder and more emotionally dead, and it just never really registered to a ghost who processes time differently, so that's why he's still all surprised when Buma tells him to "shut up because he's being an annoyance."
- Queue is actually a shadow because he can't remember anything about himself, but he'll be able to actually appear as what he was when he lived when he manages to remember everything.

Lancia & Inba
- Lancia has gotten sent to several correctional facilities, but never once has it made a dent in her sick, sadistic behaviour, to the point where her parents gave up on doing anything about it at all.
- Inba developed into a masochist because of his sister's shit, but he always just tells people he's just been one when asked, as to not alarm anyone.
- These two tease each other about their scars, it's oddly playful and childish.
- Despite needing a hearing aid, Inba actually spends his time listening to audiobooks in different languages, mostly because it helps with his pronunciation, though he also reads to touch up on grammar.

Gavin & Hannah
- Hannah has become so desensitised to the feeling of boredom that sometimes actually being productive feels strange and weird, often times she says it's eerie how time goes by faster when she's doing things.
- Gavin often fakes passing out to avoid doing his homework, though over the years this has proved to be kind of a strain on his neck since he tends to fall back onto the chair instead of forwards onto the desk.
- The rare occasions where these two see each other, all they do is talk. They talk to each other for hours and hours on end, about anything and everything. One time they had a conversation about a leaf across the bench in front of them at the park.
- Hannah makes a shit ton of hospital buddies that she never sees again after they leave, which saddens her a lot. She often wonders what happened to those children.

- Haruki actually memorized his dad's schedule and moved around the house relative to when he wasn't around or when he was doing things. When he had free time, Haruki would always lock himself up in his practice room and practice until his father had something else to do again.
- He can braid hair really nicely, the house maid taught him how to do it when he was really little, and often times when scared or nervous he'll let his hair down and braid it aimlessly.

- Winnie knows a shit ton of cool knife tricks, but Tate is actually really shit at them, this is because every time Tate would fail, he'd cut himself and Winnie would end up figuring out what Tate was trying to do and he'd just pour his time into perfecting it.
- Tate owns a shit ton of those little handheld puzzles, like holy christ. He uses them when he truly has nothing else to do, since he prefers to keep his mind busy. He's solved his rubix cube a grand total of about 30 times, but he barely uses it.

- Akira actually used to be this super sweet girl that did puppet shows in her neighborhood to entertain the little children there, she was actually really well beloved.
- She ended up in Vesperia because she got offered a spot there and not at hope's peak, so it wasn't as much that she fell into despair and then got recruited, rather that they manipulated her into despair once she was in the school.
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