Hi colleagues I started the hangout this morning at 7 AM stop something has gone wrong with our communication. I can do a further one early next week or perhaps later this afternoon

Hi girls,

Would you all be free to do a google hangout on Wednesday night? I can do any time after 6.30pm... Is 7.30pm a good time for everyone?

I can also do Thursday night too :) I just can't do mornings this week as I'm leaving for work at 6.30am so night is better for me.

Talk to you soon,


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Hi girls here is a link to the 2013-14 budget report from the department of immigration if you're interested in having a look 

Good work tonight girls and see you on the 25th

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Colleagues I'm just a bit concerned about the level of activity. You may well be using some other platform for collaboration but don't forget that you need to be able to provide evidence about this. Additionally, please make sure that you really pay close attention to the economic dimensions of this issue and even at this stage you need to be giving a lot of consideration to making your presentation and certainly to the write-up of the project. If you need a further Google hangout with me please let me know. Regards

Colleagues, this is to confirm that we will do the hangout tomorrow morning Wednesday at 7 AM  if this does not suit then one of you will need to text me on my mobile tonight and we will shifted to Thursday morning

Actually it will be better to shift this to 6.30 am on Wednesday tomorrow morning because I have another group at 7.30am and I want to leave sufficient time for a discussion. Again if this does not suit one of you will need to text me tonight and we will shift to Thursday morning at 7 AM

Hi all I have just got back from japan today and seen Ross's posts.. when are you all free to meet?

Colleagues, would you please get back to me with a time this week for a Google Hangout. Regards
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