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Welcome Jaime!

Read Walking Disaster and enjoyed it. I was wondering why you had left out so many parts that I thought were the best.. Like for me my ABSOLUTE fave part was when the buys were pulling the guys away from dancing with the girls. I was looking forward to seeing that part from his POV. And him singing in the cafeteria and when that guy went after pidg. Those were the 3 parts I was wondering about. But this book made me fall even MORE in love with Trav!!!!

Do we get to see more of them in the other books for his brothers? 

I know I'm late!! I wanted to see Travis's POV when Pidge threw the shot glass at would've been nice to see what was going on in his head at that moment.

Hi Jamie, thanks so much for being here tonight. I loved Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster. Can't wait for more. My question is, what would you say is the biggest difference for you since you've gone with traditional publishing rather than self publishing? What do you like and dislike the most about the change?

I loved that part when they were pulling guys off the dance floor, Brandy. That was one of my favs too.

Welcome Jaime! So glad that you could come and chat with us.

Looks like Jamie is running late..please stand by
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