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hi people$$$$ iam a fan of this chca!!!

ke$ha is a great singer no one should pick on her if they do they would be hirring from me


Still don't have a ticket to the #Pitbull and #Kesha in Pittsburgh?? A song 2u gives away 8 tickets! 

every one at my school dance 5/10/2013 they keep saying i looked like kesha well i did so it is hard not to ague with them lol

you now what we all need to stand up to bullies once in a while because we cant take it nomore i mean the only reason why people bully other people is because they either do it because they want to feel that they run the world and it makes them feel better about them selfs or they get  bullied and they want to take it out on other people ive been bullied terribly reapitively and it makes u feel like your not worth it :)
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