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Welcome to the DWMA!
(or in Japanese, Shibusen)

Located in the wonderful Death City, Nevada, This is where Meister and Weapon teams learn to hunt Witches and Resonate their Souls! In the efforts to turn their Weapon partners into a Death Scythe, a weapon powerful enough to be wielded by Lord Death himself, Meisters fight to feed 99 Bad Human Souls and 1 Witch Soul to their Weapons. To do this, teams must learn to work together with one-and-other in a close bond, all to help each other grow stronger -- not just physically, but as people. But watch out! If you slip up on the Witch's soul, all other souls will be **confiscated, and you'll need to start all over. Not everyone here simply wants to create a Death Scythe, though. Some students simply enjoy saving the world from people turning into Kishin. No matter what, come here to learn and grow, and find your own goals along the way. Just don't forget, as Lord Death would say:

"Sit back and have some fun!"

Please note, when creating Canon Characters, you should include the Wiki Page.
This way you don't have to go through the trouble of creating an entire summary of Soul Eater for their bio.
Now, the list of Canon characters taken/available are as follows:

Lord Death → [Sebastian - Main Owner]​​​​​

Death the Kid → [Sebastian - Main Owner]

Maka Albarn → +Maкa Alвaяη マカ・アルバーン 

Soul "Eater" Evans → ​​​ +Soul Evans 忠実なデスサイズ 

Black★Star →​​ +Genji Shimada 北風 

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa → OPEN

Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson → OPEN

Patricia "Patti/Patty" Thompson → OPEN

Crona Gorgon / Ragnarok → OPEN

Spirit "Death Scythe" Albarn → OPEN

Dr.Franken Stein → OPEN

Medusa Gorgon → OPEN

Arachne Gorgon → +Arachne Gorgon 

Eruka Frog → OPEN

Free → OPEN

Justin Law → OPEN

Giriko → OPEN

Marie Mjolnir → OPEN

Blair → +Blair The Kitty Cat 

All other Canon characters not mentioned are also OPEN. You can have no more than 3 Canon characters, but OCs are greatly welcomed. Characters from Soul Eater NOT! are also accepted here.


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Name: Izumi Curtis
Alias: Izumi "Dog" Curtis
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Class: EAT
Status: Witch
Partner: None
Soul Shape: Witch
Animal Attribute: Canine
Weapon Type: Flame Gauntlets
-She can control and summon dogs at will with her witch powers though she isn't very strong with her magic.
-She can morph her hands into flaming gauntlets that she can use for attack similarly to how Justin Law fights.
Family: Unknown
Soul Resonance: None
Madness: Power

Expect a profile from me soon. I hope this community is more active than it seems.

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Noame: Lost Soul

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5"6

Class: NOT

Mister or Weapon: Weapon

Weapon:bakuhatsugama aka the weapons BlackStar uses

Sexuality: Loves all da ladies and men

Likes: Food, fun things , friends , being annoying ,
Dislikes: not much really he's pretty cool with everyone and everything and if he
dose get angry he'll get over it faster than greased lighting

Personality: Childish , talkative , and mostly positive things but dose have a temper , shy around new people , try's to hard , also if he gets more comfortable with you he'll tell you more about himself and his past

Abiltys: His chains can be aslong as I need them to be , can copy other weapons but it takes weeks to take so he dosnt bother , any of his limbs can turn into bakuhatsugamas , he can use the his sickles to climb , while he's in his Wepon form he can blind the enamy for a short period with bombs. Stored into the hilts of the bakuhatsugama.

Bio: He grew up a a normal life but had a few more bullies than most. He hated being weak and being pushed around he wanted to become the strongest to become number 1. After he found out he was a Weapon Becuse he woke up one he was sent here to be trianed to became a Death weapon. But he to struggels to know what's right and wrong try to save as many as possible Becuse he hates to see others being hurt In school and while he's in his everyday life. So he walks up to the steps of Shibusen to start his Journy.

Sorry for inactivity. I'll be going through profiles in 20 minutes, and clearing out bad ones. And I will be doing a purge of people.

It took me a bit, but I've decided to be harsher when grading profiles.

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Well, I guess I'll try this.

Meister Type:
Scythe and Katana/Melee

Soul Type:

"NO! I don't care if Weapons are supposed to die for their Meister, I'm not letting you get hurt!!!"

"You never know how dark your soul can get...until you're all alone..."

Laelia Altair


Laelia -- an alternative spelling of the Latin/Greek name Lælia or Lelia, meaning Lunar.
Altair -- the brightest star in the constellation of the Eagle



August 28

Zodiac Sign


Relationship Status



Her partner, Aiden (Helios)

Laelia's parents died when she was young, leaving her only with her older brother, Cam.

Laelia's early life was fairly normal and happy. However, while she was still quite young, Laelia's parents died, throwing her and her older brother Cam into complete poverty. The two had to live on the streets, fending for themselves, struggling every day. Laelia remembers Cam always taking care of her and being the best big brother, until...he changed. Suddenly, Cam went..evil. Malicious. And since Laelia wouldn't follow him, he just..left. Now, the girl was left completely alone, turning to crime and violence to survive. This was, until she met Aiden, who saved her when she thought all hope was lost. He changed her around; he shined a light on Laelia. The city she grew up in just happened to be the one around the school.

Physical Information
Laelia is a somewhat small, but very fair girl. She has short, satin-black hair, and midnight blue eyes, with a rather pale complexion. Additionally, her attire is usually black and dark, sometimes with indigos and purples. Lastly, Laelia's soul and it's wavelength can be described as pale and elegant; soft and cool, and indigo in color.

Her dearest partner in crime, Aiden, who can become a scythe and a katana.

Soul Perception -- Laelia possesses the ability to see and sense souls and soul wavelengths, as well as read their character.

Soul Resonance: Witch Hunter -- By resonating her soul with her partner Aiden, whilst he's in scythe weapon form, the two are able to create a powerful attack, which elongates Aiden's scythe blade into a shimmering shape.

Anti-Demon Soul Wavelength -- Laelia's soul wavelength has the ability to fend off and purify Kishin, Demon, and Madness wavelengths.

Calm Soul -- Laelia has a special ability to pulse out her gentle and soothing soul wavelength, which can help stabilize and calm the wavelength of others.

Enhanced Reflexes -- Although Laelia isn't necessarily faster than a normal human when it comes to running, her reflexes are honed and precise, making it easy for her to dodge attacks.

Enhanced Durability -- Due to her rough life on the streets, years of enduring harsh conditions and pain, Laelia has a much better resistance to pain and physical attacks than the average human.

Martial Arts -- Laelia has become quite apt with Hand-To-Hand Combat and Martial Arts over the years. She exerts prowess with them, demonstrating impressive speed, skill, stamina, and power for one of her height and size.

Katana and Scythe Wielding -- Laelia, obviously, is quite skilled in wielding both a Scythe, and a Katana, as those are the weapons that her partner turns into.

On the streets, Laelia was cold and ruthless, not even blinking if she had to beat the shit out of someone. However, since meeting Aiden, her true kind nature came out. She is very just and brave, determined to finish things through to the end. She's chivalrous and gentle; merciful and wise.

Theme Songs
Asking For It -- Shinedown
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[] Character Introduction : Enter the DWMA's Hidden Sun []
|| Status: Open
|| Expecting: N/A
|| Location: DWMA Main Entrance Courtyard
|| Time -set: Mid-day
|| BGM:

Halwende Sola - otherwise known as "Solaris" in her classes and by her peers, stood as quite the imposing individual. Showing traits of inhospitably in every physical act, even her at her seemingly most neutral emitted a presence of dislike and need to be wary.
Although this was not what the N.O.T's student meant to convey, while she did indeed enjoy the time alone, she did not fancy being lonely. Sitting in a crowded room seemed to quell the festering presence of inadequacy and social in-capabilities, and while she wasn't the kind to talk. She was the one to listen.

Although today in her lack of present classes, the student was settled outside the main building. Sitting on the stairs and flipping through the songs on her phone, the black headphones covering her ears and placing noticeable pressure on her head. Both the headphones and her hair becoming rather heated in the sunlight that rained down from overhead. While she endured the heat that continued to accumulate.
Dressed in jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt, and jacket. All resting on the darker side of the spectrum in terms of color, merely out of preference and a lack of brighter colored clothes.

_She was bored, and without a partner, her access to missions were limited to what she could accomplish on her own. Which needless to say was more than troublesome considering she tended to spend her weekly allowance on music and food. Although entirely worth it - as she finally found one of the newer songs would quell her previously unknown desire of what to listen to._

Evening! I'm on for the weekend, if anyone has anything they'd like me to look at, please lemme know!

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Tekina-Jonetsu (A Pun on Passionate)








_[Soul Type]_

Soul Menace -_ The user generates Electrcity-like Static on their palm, hitting their enemy with Pure Soul Wavelength_

Un-Named Father
Un-Named Mother
Un-Named Brother

[Soul Resonance]

He would be under this Madness Type due to the fact of his low self image, he veiws himself as useless so if he ever fell under Madness he would become self Aware of his Skills, becoming Power Hungry

_Born in the city of New Jersey, his life took a very unexpected turn once he learned he could be applicable to become a Mesiter. Knowing that Shibusen could mean profit for him and his family Tekina quickly took a flight to Death Vegas, Nevada to become a Meister. However he has yet to find a Weapon Partner._
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[This is an older profile of mine that was updated a bit so that it follow the template of this community. Order, the names of sections, etc. may differ from the template.]
Name: Arachne Gorgon

Animal: spider

Age: 988 years, 188 if you don't count the 800 years I was hiding my soul in a golem in.

Gender: female

Sexuality: heterosexual

Enemy: many, mainly Lord Death and my sister Medusa.

Servants: little spiders...and Arachnophobia members

Soul type: a specific soul that looks like a spider (for more information, read chapter 60).

Magic: contrary to my sister Medusa, who mainly uses offensive spells, I prefer psychological and rather defensive spells, such as little spiders that allow me to spy, or psychological spells to get others on my side.

Abilities: in my normal form, I can easily block attacks (in both the Anime and Manga, I blocked a Demon Sword attack just with my fan, which I raised very quickly). I tend to carry a fan with me; it is unknown if the fan is actually a weapon of mine, but it could be the case since my fan couldn't even be cut in half by Crona's Demon Sword attack (I managed to retaliate with a slap in their face afterwards). I also have rather good offensive power in my normal form [this is not shown in the Anime or Manga, though; it's just what Arachne said], though I'm far away from being as strong as I was 800 years ago. I am pretty sturdy, and I could even survive Lord Death's attacks.
I also have a madness form, with which I can devour other people's souls (as I did with Medusa's) and make others insane; I cannot really be attacked in that form (Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength made me lose this form in that battle, though), however, I also lack offensive spells in it.

Family: Medusa and Shaula Gorgon (younger sisters), Crona Gorgon (niece/nephew)

Madness: a special madness apparently strong enough to be felt by Stein over the Atlantic Ocean.

Personality: I rarely show negative emotions; I'm pretty optimistic. Also, I prefer high-quality treatment, which is why I almost only drink champagne. I am pretty intelligent (which is shown by the fact that I said at the end of my fight against Maka, shortly before my soul was taken, that my defeat was entirely my fault; I said that I had abandoned too much of my offensive power) and easily see easy ways to get something.
I tend to manipulate people into doing what I want.
Lastly, I developed hatred for people who scream at me.

Biography: I was born as the oldest of the Gorgon sisters; my parents' identity is unknown.
Death, Eibon and I used to be pretty close relatives, but we grew distant from each other for some reason.
At an unknown point of time, I started Arachnophobia. I created the first Demon Weapons (that's why I'm called “The mother of all Demon Weapons”), and I was then hunted by both the Witch Order and Death. When I was close to being killed, I hid my soul in a golem and watched the world for 800 years.
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