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Awesome community guidelines ;)
-> Hey, you reached an awesome community,
help it to build up.

-> Post awesome Handsup music. 
-> Try to help each other and enjoy the community.
-> Share, Discuss & Have fun on Handsup - Downtown.

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And the beat goes down... !

Wolkenfrei - Mein Herz Schlägt Schlager (The Nation vs. DJ Restlezz Bootleg)

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The rain never ends...<3

Dance R Us - Never Rains [Lowcash Remix]

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Bring back the night & the love:

Alex Megane – Bring Back the Night [Newdance Mix]

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I feel like this would be an awesome intro for a big party,

Leviathan feat. Laura Newman - Forgive You (Predancer Remix)

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Everybody get up and party!

Coaster Boy - Everybody Get Up (Cj MKH Remix)

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When the melody drops, 
the beat goes on,

Quickdrop - Come Back (Radio Edit)

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The power of an awesome beat,

Front Load & Alicia Madison - Living For The First Time (Xam Sato & Kovan Remix) v=8pkzcHNZRLw&index=43&list=PLbF2-bOvvWX1S7P2elojaSCjQinBnBevP

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Oh Pendulum, no remix will ever dominate your original style 
but this is still sweet,

Pendulum - The Island (Diven Remix)

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Some old school Handsup is always welcome,

Kim Leoni - Medicine (Topmodelz Remix Edit)
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