Hello everyone,
today we're gradually starting to roll out mailbe.at 7.0.182 into public Google Play Store.

This version contains a couple of major fixes as listed below:
- Fixed bug when grouping emails by text content similarity
- Editing, customizing and saving retrievals, as well as filtering was re-worked and polished
- Fixed crashes in email and advanced filterer

This update including all preceding ones, is a major update for all existing mailbe.at 6.4 users.

While preparing a bigger update, we've got an improved version (7.0.175) ready for you in the beta channel of the play store:
- Faster loading of email lister
- Fixed flickering preview when swiping through unread emails
- Text-search based filtering is working again
- Fixed bug in editing an existing email retrieval with email-filterer

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After a longer period of no updates, we're back with a new beta version of mailbe.at, including a complete platform rework with lots of bugfixes and improvements.
First of all we enhanced the performance and got an overall speed gain of around 25%. But we also worked on the usability, for example our new tile concept allows you to adjust the size of the email preview. Further Interface improvements took place within the email status indicator (unseen, forward, reply, attachment),  multiselect function, email preview header, homescreen, message history and many more features.
Last but not least we also could improve the overall stability and power usage.

We'll roll out the update to version 7.0.171 to all our beta testers in the next hours and prepare the official update for all other mailbe.at users within the next weeks. 

Hello everyone,

first of all we'd like to apologize for the long time of absence. We are back on track now and are working on mailbe.at again!
Currently we're intensifying forces, to ship out the next big upgrade to mailbe.at version 7.0. Beta testing will start soon.

We'll keep you informed about upcoming features and changes here, so keep an eye out for the next couple of weeks.

The mailbe.at team 

Wird mailbe.at eigentlich noch weiter entwickelt?
Habe schon lange keine Updates mehr bekommen und im jetzigen Stand ist es für mich leider noch nicht zu 100% nutzbar.

Wäre echt schade, wenn es nicht weiter gehen würde.


weiß nicht ob das ein Fehler in mailbe ist, oder an meinem Android. Nutze Nightly Version von Cyanogenmod 11 auf einem LG G2. Die Installation verlief gut und nachdem ich ein IMAP Account eingerichtet habe auch noch. Danach habe ich noch ein Exchange Konto eingerichtet und nun schließt sich dauernd die App. Als Meldung:" Es ist ein interner Fehler aufgetreten".

Hat das auch jemand? Ich nutze 6.4.355.


Change log 334
- fixed: mailbe.at setup for moto x failed (fix also improved problems for dualcore phones)
- fixed: icons for some screen resulutions blurry
- fixed dashboard fonts too big, 4 digit numbers not readable
- fixed: Exchange push not recovered after airplane mode
- fixed: Exchange download dialog not properly displayed
- fixed: Exchange attachment importer not cancelable
- fixed: Exchange security confirmation requested twice
- improved On Device Expertiser (contact profiling)

Another idea. Allow to Opt Out from being always asked If i really want to delete a mail. I do not want this to appear every time.

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Exchange/Active Sync Push and IMAP IDLE are available with our newest update 6.4.334
Download now from Google Play: http://goo.gl/FtSRTN or
visit our Blog for the complete change log: http://goo.gl/CQy748

Change log 296 (f: fix, i: improvement):
- i: MAJOR: strongly improved single email view & details
- i: MAJOR: email filter assistant (when tapping + to add a tile in the dashboard)
- f: related emails for todos and calendar entries are back now
- f: search string is lost after viewing first result
- i: long text cut off / fonts
- i: new geo and time distance computation
- f: russian translations
- f: more attachments shown than are existent
- f: attachment importer activated for new account
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