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Helloo:) And what are your thoughts about this;)
You can revise the real meaning of some confusing British expressions with this classic table, below.

Please follow +Learn British English Free on Google+ for more:

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Do you Innovate or Follow the Same Path?

Well, what do you do?

I am an innovator. You can recognize an innovator easily, they are the one's who will throw away books when they are no longer required. If you cannot bear throwing away books, your innovation will always be blocked. It is like religion, if you don't believe, how can you be a true believer?

To get to the point of what I am trying to say, every area of human endeavor needs people who look after our past, and people who look after our future, and we all need to understand what we do best and to respect the opinions and the values of people who do the things we cannot do.

And now to the real message from our future: grammar is not important.

Well, not to the people who don't have the time and inclination to learn what we know as grammar. A couple of careers ago, after I had left school, I spent 4 years as an apprentice mechanic. Today, I can discuss anything with the people at the garage where we take our car. My wife, though, she has spent her whole career in linguistics, she has no inclination to learn the hammer and wrench stuff, even though she understands fully the benefit of knowing. I could think that everyone who has a car should learn, but would that be the right path?

Is the right path the one where we always learn all there is to learn about everything we wish to do? Should we break the tradition of grammar-first, and understand that the tools we know and love should not lie early in the path of others? Or at all?

Should we leave our tools in our toolbox, and start talking to our customers in the language they understand?

good morning, dear +Linda Motoiu and all members of this community. Thank you for this invite.
Guten Morgen, liebe Linda und alle Mitglieder dieser Gemeinschaft. Vielen Dank für die Einladung.

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Most people speak one or two languages.
About 7.1k languages are spoken. About 0.9k languages are dying fast.
About 2.5k languages have the highest chances to be preserved. More than 10 languages per country on average. Some countries are way below this average.
Some teams provide translations in hundreds of languages.
People usually order translations in tens of languages.
What languages interest you?

Hello Linda! I am wondering how you found me?

thanks for the invite.

Vielen herzlichen Dank für Deine Einladung, +Linda Motoiu !

Hello Linda:) And thank you so much for an invitation! This can be really interesting as I have an MA in Bilingual Translation:)

Thank you very much +Linda Motoiu for the invitation!
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