Hey all. I'm stepping out of playing Ingress and would like to hand ownership of this community over to someone. There aren't many people already but if you're interested, please let me know and I'll make you an owner.

Hello, I'm TrekMac in the game.  I just got started yesterday, Level 1, playing for Enlightened.  Looking forward to it!

Hey thought I'd do an introduction here.

Agent ID: B0mb5h3llzx
Faction: Resistance
Current level: L1
Area of most play:
SW Denver/Englewood/Sheridan/Littleton
I travel to Greeley about bi-monthly.

"Carpe Noctum"

Hi, everyone. There aren't many of us here, although I see lots of names in the portals in the area. Nice to meet you. 

I need to get out more. Thinking of going to Golden triangle as that is supposed to be deemed a training ground.

The Chrome Rider down off of c-470 and Santa Fe, just east of Santa Fe on County Line, if there is any change to take that down, we should do it. That's vital for a huge swath of land the Resistance is holding in lower Denver. I'm only a level three with just a few bursters so there isn't much I can do to it alone.  

+Rich Finn , +Ryan McCutchen , do you guys even have ingress?
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