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Kim Jong Un meets South Korean delegation [English]
stimmekoreas Published on 6 Mar 2018
Pyongyang, March 6 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, received the members of a delegation of special envoy of the south Korean president who arrived in Pyongyang on Monday.

Present there were Jong Ui Yong, chief of the State Security Office of Chongwadae who is special envoy of President Moon Jae In; So Hun, director of the National Intelligence Service; Chon Hae Song, vice-minister of Unification; Kim Sang Gyun, vice-director of the National Intelligence Service; and Yun Kon Yong, chief of the State Affairs Office of Chongwadae.

Kim Yong Chol, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the WPK, and Kim Yo Jong, first vice department director of the Central Committee of the WPK were on hand.

Shaking hands of the special envoy and his party one by one, respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un warmly welcomed them to Pyongyang.

Jong Ui Yong courteously conveyed a personal letter of President Moon Jae In to the Supreme Leader.

The members of the special envoy delegation presented gratitude to the Supreme Leader for having dispatched high-level delegations and various large-scale delegations with the 23rd Winter Olympics as a momentum to ensure its successful holding.

Expressing thanks for this, Kim Jong Un said it is natural to share the joy over an auspicious event of fellow countrymen of the same blood and help them. The recent Winter Olympics served as a very important occasion in displaying the stamina and prestige of our nation and providing a good atmosphere of reconciliation, unity and dialogue between the north and the south, he added.

Then he had an openhearted talk with the south side's special envoy delegation over the matters arising in actively improving the north-south relations and ensuring peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

He repeatedly clarified that it is our consistent and principled stand and his fixed will to vigorously advance the north-south relations and write a new history of national reunification by the concerted efforts of our nation to be proud of in the world.

After being told about President Moon Jae In's intention for a summit by the special envoy of the south side, the Supreme Leader exchanged views and reached a satisfactory agreement.

He gave an important instruction to the relevant field to rapidly take practical steps for it.

He also had an exchange of in-depth views on the issues for easing the acute military tensions on the Korean Peninsula and activating the versatile dialogue, contact, cooperation and exchange between the north and the south.

The talk proceeded in a compatriotic and sincere atmosphere.
Kim Jong Un had a photo session with the members of the delegation. -0-

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Chinese steam VS North Korean steam
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North Korean

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Freight Train in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
#DPRK #NorthKorea #train  

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朝中社平壤11月6日电 古巴国务委员会主席兼部长会议主席米格尔·马里奥·迪亚斯-卡内尔·贝穆德斯和夫人莉斯·奎斯塔5日参观金日成综合大学。




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보통강에서 모형함선돛배경기 진행

얼마전 공화국선수권대회 모형함선돛배경기가 보통강에서 진행되였다.
경기에는 륙해운성체육단과 송도원체육단, 비류강체육단에서 선발된 우수한 선수들이 참가하였다.

이번 공화국선수권대회 모형함선돛배경기는 두단계로 나뉘여 진행되였는데 결승단계경기에는 예선단계경기에서 선발된 선수들이 참가하였다.
결승단계경기는 10회전으로 진행되였다. 최종순위는 매회전당 순위에 따르는 점수를 종합하여 결정하였다.
이번 경기에 대해 륙해운성체육단 감독 김경일은 《지난해까지는 승부차이가 명백하였습니다. 그러나 올해에는 모든 팀들에서 실력을 높이기 위한 투쟁을 힘있게 벌려 마지막회전까지 지켜보아야 결과를 알수 있었습니다. 정말 긴장하였습니다.》고 하면서 다음해에 세부종목수가 늘어나는것으로 하여 모형함선경기가 보다 흥미진진하게 벌어질것이라고 하였다.
여러날동안 진행된 모형함선돛배경기에서는 륙해운성체육단 선수들이 모두 앞자리를 차지하였다.

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"Yesterday, around 1:00 pm local time, Cuba’s President arrived in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to begin his official visit..."

More details on Comrade Diaz-Canel's visit to the DPRK will hopefully follow!

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Pyongyang was the capital of several successive ancient Korean kingdoms. Located on the Daedong (Taedong) River in the north of the peninsula, the site was chosen by the legendary Dangun (Tangun), founder of the first Korean state Gojoseon (Gochoson), to be his capital city on earth. Pyongyang remained an important city throughout the following centuries and served as the capital of Wiman Joseon (Wiman Choson) and the Goguryeo (Koguryo) kingdoms, and was the western capital of the Goryeo (Kuryo) kingdom. The modern city, located on the same site, is today the capital of North Korea. #Korea #NorthKorea #History #AncientHistoryEncyclopedia

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Contact between Korea and China goes back to mythology and prehistory. Trade developed from the Bronze and Iron Ages with raw materials and manufactured goods going in both directions for centuries thereafter. In addition to traders, migrants came, beginning with those escaping from the 4th-century BCE conflicts of the Warring States period, and a regular stream of diplomats, monks, and scholars travelled in both directions, too, so that Chinese culture spread to the whole of the Korean peninsula. #Korea #China #History #AncientHistoryEncyclopedia
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