From Captain: Sir Andre Sinou

I sat down and wrote a long page last night but it did not upload. Needless to say, I am proud of our team. Here is the breakdown of the day.

Lisa Galli and Jeffrey Galli lead the day off with 2 undefeated records in the pole tourney. Both take home the GOLD in their categories. Lisa wins a staggering 3 victories with submission!

Team USA3 fought well in the 5X5's but were eliminated from the competition. Expect to see them in the All on Alls.

Team USA2 will continue in the 5X5 tourney. They had one loss yesterday. Damion DiGrazia and Mark Elrick were the stars of their team, taking out 2-3 men each in their fights.

USA1 did not fight yesterday but will fight today.

All on Alls, led by Zorikh Lequidre were decisively won, with a predominately American Team.

16X16 Team won their fights with efficiency and brilliant work, besting France and Germany. Both of these teams were much better than year's in the past.

I am very proud of these men and women!

Today, USA1 fights 5X5's and the All on Alls will fight again as well.
There i a record crowd here with well over 10,000 people here in just one day. All of the fighters from all of the countries seem to be having a blast! The IMCF is a HUGE success!!!! expect this organization to grow rapidly.

Special Thanks to our Web Team. Baron Wolt has busted his butt on the ground here in Spain to make sure you had streaming, while Brian Fields and his team at the Web Cave has stayed up all night to make sure you can see the action.

Special thanks to all of our families at home for supporting us. I think of my wife Tara Schomber-Sinou and kids, El Stinkador, Doc Dregos and The MAX as well as my mom and sister JSPZ, when I need that extra bit of energy. We appreciate ALL Families, wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends that stayed at home and have supported us all year. You are part of the Team USA Family and we would not be here without your support.

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The Tournament is Underway at Castle Belmonte! 

Follow our Team USA on Twitter at @ACL_USAKnights 

The live feed from the castle is experiencing some WiFi issues, but they will be back online soon (we hope).

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Note: 10 am at Castel de Belmonte is 4 am Eastern US Standard Time.

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Mr. Adrian Russell is an amazing person, and an integral part of Team USA. 
Confronting an Old Enemy
Confronting an Old Enemy

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5 x 5 team draw for the first annual IMCF competition. 

From Team USA Captain Andre Sinou:

Next week, the advance party of Team USA will leave for Spain. The excitement is palpable. I am in and out of the gym in what feels like seconds, even though it is usually 1.5 hour workout. Our team has worked hard this year to be the best in the world. We will test the limits of our hard work in just a few weeks. When the chips are down and we are tired from days of fighting and our bodies want to quit, we will be strengthened knowing that our family, friends and fans will be watching us and expecting excellence from us. And you SHOULD expect that. The bar has ben held high this year. The Men and Women of this team have not been found wanting. We will stand on the field in Spain, resplendent in our armor, wearing the Red, White and Blue of the United States of America. We will sweat and bleed those colors and stand toe to toe with the best the world throws at us. We will do our best. We may lose a fight but we WILL do our best and keep faith that we will be supported by those who are at home watching us. We are all honored

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Big wonderful news from California! Captain +Andre Sinou's stolen armor was recovered! No cops. Turned in for the posted reward, and Steven Schroeder and Anthony Lynch, two of Team USA's best, retrieved it for him. 

It's all there, and in good condition. And our participation in the search out here made a difference. Now, let's get our Captain, his armor and the team to Spain! Go USA!

Team Captain Andre Sinou shared this elsewhere, I am resharing:

So here are some of the results of our National Tourney:
Champion Slots. The following fighters will represent the United States in Spain in single combat. -
Polearm- Jeff Jeffrey Galli, Lisa Galli (Yes, brother and sister)
Long Sword- Harvey Palmer, Suzanne Lyons Elleraas
Sword and shield- Alex Cooley, Lisa Galli
Melee Team Leaders-
5X5 melees
USA1- Andre Sinou
USA2- Alaric OConner
USA3- Ryan Weaver
3X3 female melee - Amy Graham
16X16 Melee- Andre Sinou
All on All- Zorikh Lequidre
I will be listing the members of these teams in the upcoming week.
The National Tourney was a great success. We had over 750 audience members and over 70 combatants. I feel confident that we will bring a tough team to Spain with us this year. Our USA1 Team (Striking Eagles) and our 16 man team has a very good chance of placing or winning. Our singles champs are very skilled and should also bring us points in Belmonte. I am very proud of the work that this team has done and their commitment to excellence.
Once again, the Illinois Senate has recognized the USA Knights as the National Team of the United States. Thank you to Illinois Senator Andy Manar for the work in making this happen.

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Videos from the Nationals by Joel Schonbrunn.

Sending good thoughts to everyone in Springfield today! 
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