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my email id

So you can do this job if you'd like.You need to spend hardly 15 minute in day on this website. This can be a good part time income source for you. I myself earning around $100 per month from this website.I hardly spend 20 minute daily there.
click on the below link to sign up. From there you will see a section called paid ads. Click there and lots of options come up. The first day you can only do Bonus point ads (BAP). Eventually once enough bap is saved you'll get paid ads where you enter in the three lines of text and fill out capatcha. Hit submit and you're done. You repeat that until all ads are gone. The ads start low $0.005 cents but after a week you'll eventually start reciving $1 or higher ads and they go up to $200.

Here is the link. Ask if you have any questions.
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I m looking for a part time job
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