Dear all,

Phase 3 is the submission point for the final Project 1 client product, due Friday 2 December at midnight UK time (Saturday 3 December 0100 Dijon time)

Format of the submission for project 1, on 2 December

The submission is a substitute for a presentation. This, the requirement is for slides addressing the tasks in the project brief to be submitted, as follows:

(1) a maximum of 20 slides
(2) Slides to be supported by a "narrative", which essentially replaces the story that a presenter would deliver for the slides in a Face-to-Face presentation. This narrative can easily be covered by a piece of text / bullet points added into the "NotesPages" section of slides. Alternatively, ambitious groups could embed an audio narrative in the presentation.
(3) The format should allow direct linking of supporting material from other web sources, but do not over-rely on these - the submission should clearly still be in the overall format of presentation slides.

Clearly, Google drive could be used to support the creation of this submission document.
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