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Name: Lotus
Age: 18 human years
Gender : female
Species : blossom dragon
Mate: open
Crush: open
Hatchlings: none
Personality: despite her delecate looks she is the toughest girl you'll meet. Protective, sweet, fun, amazing fighter, great hunter, loves to dance. (Dragon style lol)
Swimming: 8/10
Eyesight : 9 / 10
flying : 10 / 10
making friends : 10 / 10
fighting : 10/10
Running : 8 / 10
Hunting: 9 / 10
Flamecolour: changes everytime
Likes: foxes, flying
Dislikes: having other creatures act like servants to her just because of her looks
Bio: Everyone falls for her when ever they set their eyes apon her. But she doesn't act like a total beauty queen. She actually didn't think the was pretty. She thought other things are more precious. Like important things in life. She has a dark start but she believes that life will get better, the war took everything away from her when she was young. She doesn't show the pain. The wants and will end this war. She wants the foxes and dragons to live in peace. She sounds really spiritual in this Bio but she actually doesn't sound like it at all

art not mine

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Name: Sandstorm
Age: young adult(20 human years
Gender: male
Species: European Dessert Dragon
Fire Colour: Sand yellow
Personality: Rebel, fun, shy, sweet, good friend
likes: Sun, flying, hunting, messing about, mountains
dislikes: Dessert, boring sand, fighting
bio: all that is known is that he ran away from his dessert home when he learned to fly (8 yrs old)


hunting: 9/10
flying: 10/10
making friends: 10/10
fighting: 6/10
running: 8/10
eyesight: 9/10
Dragon created on "Doll Devine" Oc owned by Midnight Wolf & Midnight Wolf Art 8


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i am a shadow dragon, highly rare to run upon when wandering the land
name:(pretty obvious)
race: shadow dragon
occupation: soldier/elder of shadows
gender: male
Bio: after a terrible illness fell upon the dragon races, killing off a small amount of them, but soon every one of them managed to overcome the illness after a few months, but the shadow dragons were still affected, doomed to disappear. they all died off, but i survived, and now must carry on the legacy.

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Name: Golden Blast
Race: Water Jet Dragon
Occupation: Cleaning off other dragons (She has water blasting powers)
Gender: Female
Personality: Very kind, but vicious if angered
Bio: Born as a single child to a normal family. She loves gliding along the ocean with friends and meeting ponies. She tends to get lost easily though.

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Name:Princeses Daria
Dislikes:If her Subjects aren't treated fair,When the Queen and if her Babies aren't treated right
Bio:I was born in the Kingdom of Griffons but it was destroyed and I came here many Dragons played tricks on me and I met a nice Water Dragon and we instantly fell in love many of my family and dragons didn't aprove of it but we didn't listen later we got married and after that we always raced and raced them one day I had two eggs and they were powerful than the Queen herself we feared that we would have to kill them but the Queen my mom apposed it she was happy and so was I then my dad didn't aprove of it and he killed him my mom was mad a my dad for days and I was just sad so we're our kids our little boy Metelfang and our daughter Lyric Strike I was able to bring him back and my father sadly has to be arrested and then we lived on a on together!

I'm sorry to say, but i'm leaving this community.

It was nice to be here.

I just have too many communities to moderate, and I don't have a lot of time putting aside school and extra activities.

I'm promoting +Chloe Leis as the new owner. 

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Please help me!!! I entered in this "contest" for my made-up character to get animated, made realistically, etc. in a real movie!!!! To help me get in, please hit the "like" button! I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks! 

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Plz join! We're looking for new, active members to help keep this community alive. 

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Destina flys high in the sky in the clouds trying to have fun and hide thats shes lonely then lands on a rock
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