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This is my oc
The girl with the jeans is just want her jeans look like and the red head is her
Name:lily cooper
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She also wears combat boots sorry

((Let's start a new rp))

Aileah: She's walking in the hallways of a left out school (open rp)

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My oc:
Name: Aileah Snow
Hair: Black with pink stripes
Eyes: Purple-ish blue (((yup))
Skin: Between milky pale and pale
Gerne: Magics user/Witch
Backstory: When she was little she got cursed by a potion her sister used on her, ever since she is a hybrid wolf
Looks: a black ripped jeans with a white tanktop with letters in black: "You Complete MEss" on it and a pair of black boots AND OF COURSE her black gloves without the half of the fingers
Personality: Loner, Sweet, emo-like, mean when have to

you gan guess I like black
((Whole look as pictures down here))
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((Those are the ears))

((Hello you there?))
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